Will There be a What Lies Below Sequel?

Directed by Braden R. Duemmler, ‘What Lies Below’ is a trippy cosmic horror film that walks a fine line between reality and lucid dreamscapes, and as the narrative moves forward, the intertwined lives of the characters take quite an unexpected turn. Acted by veterans such as Mena Suvari (‘American Pie’) alongside fresh faces like Ema Horvath and Trey Tucker, the story revolves around shy teenager Libby and her single mother, Michelle, whose lives get jeopardized when a charming monster creeps his way into their lives.

Michelle’s younger fiancée, John Smith, seems like a perfect gentleman and a person of considerable composure, but he holds a secret far more sinister than what Libby could remotely think of. Upon its premiere, the film was met with a positive reaction, owing to a mind-boggling ending that takes the story to a different dimension altogether. If you are wondering about the prospects of a sequel of ‘What Lies Below,’ we come bearing answers.

What Lies Below Sequel Release Date

‘What Lies Below’ premiered on December 4, 2020, in the US and Canada in video-on-demand format. In the UK, however, the film did not release until February 22, 2021, following which it was made available in other countries in Europe.

As far as the sequel is concerned, director Braden R. Duemmler expressed his interest in revisiting the franchise in a promotional interview. He teased the audience by disclosing that he already has an idea regarding how to move the story forward. He also suggested that the sequel may be better suited for a TV series format.

However, the director said that he did not want to jump into the sequel project right away, as other ongoing projects required his attention. While only the director’s wish does not warrant the sequel, the film was met with quite a positive reception upon its release. Fans loved the retro-tinted and cerebral horror adventure, which is why the film managed to attain the throne on Netflix’s streaming charts in a short span since its release on the platform.

The ending of the film also raises more questions than answers, and the director did think about providing an explanatory follow-up. Also, horror films are likely to get more sequels than, say, dramas and noir thrillers. All things considered, if a sequel gets greenlit anytime soon, the audience may expect the ‘What Lies Below’ sequel to release sometime in 2024 or later.

What Lies Below Sequel Cast: Who can be in It?

‘What Lies Below’ relies on an up-to-scratch cast to tell its eerie tale. In central roles, Mena Suvari plays the role of Michelle Wells while Ema Horvath plays the role of Michelle’s shy and awkward adolescent daughter, Liberty “Libby” Wells. Trey Tucker takes up the role of Michelle’s newfound love, the often-shirtless and menacing geologist John Smith. In another supporting role, we see Haskiri Velazquez, who acts as Libby’s BFF, Miley. Other secondary players include Olan Montgomery (Pharmacy Store Clerk), Troy Iwata (Libby’s high school crush, Tommy), and Danny Corbo.

If a sequel is made, the chances are that Mena Suvari and Ema Horvath will not return to the franchise, especially since the potential second installment may deal with a completely different family altogether. However, Trey Tucker will, in all likelihood, reprise his role as the charming and creepy monster John Smith. There will also most certainly be some fresh faces to accompany John Smith in his pursuit of unsuspecting women, but for more information on the same, we will have to wait for an official announcement.

What Lies Below Sequel Plot: What can it be About?

‘What Lies Below,’ behind its apparent veil of supernatural shenanigans, is a film about a male predator preying upon unsuspecting women’s lives. The story revolves around Libby, her mother Michelle, and Michelle’s hunk and somnambulist fiancée John Smith, and it leads the audience to a vortex of seemingly inexplicable mysteries. Much of the mystery is derived from the character of John Smith – as much as he is the embodiment of perfection, something seems odd about him. The film ends bizarrely alters the audience’s perception by leaps and bounds.

While the story of the Wells family seems to end in the finality of the film, the monster is yet on the loose, which paves the basis for the anticipated sequel. The inconclusive story may move in many directions, with John Smith scouting for other prospective preys. Having said that, as Michelle and Libby are not declared dead, they could just reappear, maybe as John’s army of converted women. The next installment may even venture into space as we don’t know much about John’s origin yet. In any case, we may rightfully expect that it would be as cathartic and twisted as the first one.

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