Will There be a Without Remorse Sequel?

Based on Tom Clancy’s popular 1993 book of the same name, ‘Without Remorse’ is an action thriller film that revolves around US Navy SEAL’s Senior Chief John Kelly, who suddenly finds himself in the midst of a sprawling and deadly political game. During a rescue operation in Aleppo, Syria, he and his team learn that the abductors have ties with the Russian military. Three months later, Kelly’s pregnant wife Pam and two of his comrades are killed, seemingly in response to Aleppo. When the US government decides not to escalate the situation, Kelly embarks on a desperate search for the shadowy assassin who escaped from his house alive on the night of his wife’s murder.

As the film progresses, Kelly realizes that he is being used to rekindle the Cold War between the US and Russia. Following the movie’s premiere, it garnered mixed to positive reviews. Critics have lauded the performances by the main cast members, gripping action sequences, and gritty and believable plot. If you have watched the film and are wondering if there ever will be a sequel of ‘Without Remorse,’ here is everything you need to know.

Without Remorse Sequel Release Date

‘Without Remorse’ premiered on April 30, 2021, on Amazon Prime. Paramount Pictures, the film’s production studio, originally intended to release the film on September 18, 2020. But the COVID situation forced the studio to postpone the release to October 2, 2020, and once more to February 26, 2021. Eventually, Amazon purchased the distribution rights for the high-profile project. In November 2020, Paramount dropped the film from its theatrical line-up. ‘Without Remorse’ has been directed by Stefano Sollima (‘Sicario: Day of the Soldado’).

As for the ‘Without Remorse’ sequel, it was reported around September 2020 that Michael B. Jordan has come on board to play the protagonist John Kelly/John Clark in two films. The second one is slated to be an adaptation of ‘Rainbow Six,’ the second entry in Clancy’s ‘John Clark’ spinoff series. As with most sequels, the fate of this one, too, will depend on how the original movie performs commercially. While it may not make the same numbers that it would have if it were released in theaters, it can still be a massively successful film starring one of the top movie stars of today. If the film is a hit, expect the ‘Without Remorse’ sequel to come out sometime in 2022.

Without Remorse Sequel Cast: Who Can Be in It?

Aside from Jordan, ‘Without Remorse’ stars Jamie Bell as Robert Ritter, Guy Pearce as Secretary Thomas Clay, Jodie Turner-Smith as Karen Greer, Brett Gelman as Victor Rykov, Lauren London as Pam, Luke Mitchell as Rowdy King, Cam Gigandet as Keith Webb, Jack Kesy as Thunder, Jacob Scipio as Hatchet, and Todd Lasance as Dallas. Pearce, Gelman, London, Mitchell, Gigandet, and Lasance will not be returning for the sequel because their characters are dead, except maybe for flashback scenes. The rest of the cast is likely to reprise their roles.

Without Remorse Sequel Plot: What Can It Be About?

In ‘Without Remorse,’ it is revealed that Thomas Clay has masterminded the entire conspiracy to restart the Cold War between the US and Russia. Kelly gains a confession from him before killing him and making it look like a suicide. He then disappears under a new alias, John Clark. He returns several years later and meets up with Ritter, who is now the CIA Director. Kelly reveals to him that he wants to speak to the President about a project called Rainbow, which will be a multinational counterterrorist team.

In the ‘Without Remorse’ sequel, Kelly will likely establish Rainbow with him as its director. Its headquarters might be in Hereford, as it is in the book. The operatives might be from various NATO countries and other US allies. They might have the full support of agencies like the CIA, MI6, FBI, and Mossad. Just as the book, the film might be named after Kelly’s call sign within the organization, “Rainbow Six.” Their initial enemy might be an eco-terrorist or a multi-billionaire who has made most of his money through eco-friendly businesses.

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