Will There be an Interceptor Sequel?

Image Credit: Brook Rushton/Netflix

Interceptor‘ is an action movie that follows Captain JJ Collins, who is in charge of a US Army nuclear missile interceptor station named SBX-1. When sixteen United States cities get threatened by Russian missile attacks, Collins has to use her experience and military expertise to fire interceptors to destroy the missiles. Helmed by Matthew Reilly, the movie sees Elsa Pataky as the lead character in a number of action-packed sequences, which keeps the fans of the actress and genre very much hooked to the film.

The movie opened to a mixed reception from fans and critics, with praise directed toward its fast-paced action sequences and criticism toward its relatively unconvincing narrative. If you are eager to know about the possibility of an ‘Interceptor’ sequel, we have got you covered!

Interceptor 2 Release Date

‘Interceptor’ released globally on Netflix on June 3, 2022. There were plans to theatrically release the action movie in Australia in late 2021, but it didn’t happen. However, it released theatrically for a short period of time in Australia on May 26, 2022, just a week before its worldwide release on the streaming giant.

Regarding the potential of the film’s sequel, here is everything we can tell you. As of writing, the makers haven’t come forward to make an official announcement regarding a sequel yet. However, there are a few reasons for fans of the action movie to stay optimistic about getting to watch Elsa Pataky in action at least one more time. Netflix had greenlit sequels of similar action films like ‘Extraction’ and ‘Red Notice,’ indicating that a sequel is a possibility. Thus, we can expect ‘Interceptor’ to follow the same trend and return to your screens with at least another part.

Moreover, (spoiler alert) the narrative of ‘Interceptor’ ends with Collins succeeding in her mission to save the fifteen US cities. Following her brave attempt and success, she becomes a member of the President’s National Security staff. This leaves a door open for the makers to revisit the storyline and build from there if and when they want to. Thus, if the sequel gets greenlit soon, we can expect ‘Interceptor 2’ to release sometime in Q4 2024 or later. 

Interceptor 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

Since the action movie revolves around the protagonist Captain JJ Collins, it is almost a given that if the movie is greenlit for a sequel, Elsa Pataky will reprise her role. We may also see Zoe Carides (President Wallace), Marcus Johnson (General Dyson), and Colin Friels (Collins’ father) in the potential second part of the movie.

Since the characters of Luke Bracey (Alexander Kessel), Aaron Glenane (Beaver Baker), Mayen Mehta (Rahul Shah), and Rhys Muldoon (Marshall) die in ‘Interceptor,’ they may not reprise their roles in the potential sequel. In addition, the possible sequel may include new cast members as the makers are likely to add several characters to build another intriguing storyline.

Interceptor 2 Plot: What can it be About?

‘Interceptor’ follows Captain JJ Collins’ efforts to save sixteen United States cities, which are under the threat of Russian missile attacks. She battles Alexander Kessel, a former US military intelligence officer who had joined hands with Russian terrorists to fulfill the attacks. The film ends with Collins firing interceptors, which destroy the missiles. The terrorists kill Kessel but spare the life of Collins. While she recuperates in a hospital, the President arrives to inform her that she is selected as the new National Security staff member. Collins also reunites with her father, who gets saved by his army comrades from the hands of Kessel’s men.

The potential sequel of ‘Interceptor’ is likely to explore the journey of JJ Collins as she starts working for the President. As the responsibilities increase in her new job, we may see Collins in an even more dangerous task or mission, possibly with the President’s life at stake. Moreover, we can expect to see the narrative of the possible sequel filled with intense action sequences as well.

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