Will There be an Uncharted Sequel?

Directed by Ruben Fleischer, ‘Uncharted’ is an action-adventure movie based on the eponymous video game series. It follows Nathan Drake AKA Nate and his mentor Victor Sullivan, who join hands on a quest to find the rare hidden treasure of the Magellan expedition. Moreover, they try to search for Nate’s long-lost brother while encountering fellow treasure hunters and dangerous mercenaries along the way.

Just like the video game, the movie received tremendous praise, from both critics and the audience, for its engaging narrative and lively visuals. The performances of the talented cast members were appreciated as well. Fans are hence curious to know when they will get to see the adventures of their beloved characters next. To answer everyone’s questions, here is everything we know so far about ‘Uncharted 2.’

Uncharted 2 Release Date

‘Uncharted’ landed in theaters on February 18, 2022, in the USA. Before that, the movie had its world theatrical premiere on February 7, 2022, in Barcelona, Spain. Now, this is what we can tell you about the potential sequel.

As of now, the makers haven’t released any official statement about a second movie being in the works. However, director Ruben Fleischer has expressed keen interest in returning with at least one more sequel. In an interview, he spoke about wanting to be a part of it and said, “Absolutely. I would be thrilled. As an avid fan of not only genre films, but also history, it was like a dream come true getting to shoot this movie. I was a history major in college, and I’ve always had a passion for all things antiquity. I can’t tell you how excited I would be to get to make another one.”

Fleischer further spoke about the possibilities of a sequel being hinted at in the intriguing post-credit scene of ‘Uncharted.’ “It was important to me that this movie ends for audiences with the suggestion Nate and Sully are going to be partnered on more adventures in the future… This movie’s about these two guys coming together as a team, so I wanted to leave the audience with the feeling this isn’t the last we’ll see of these guys,” he added. Although, he did conclude by saying that the chances of a second part depend upon the audience’s response to the movie and their demands.

Furthermore, in a roundtable discussion with the creators of the original game, Fleischer elaborated on a particular car chase sequence from the video game ‘Uncharted 4’ that he wishes to recreate in case a sequel of the movie is made. This indicates that there is a lot of other material from the video game series that can be covered in the potential second installment. Apart from this, the massive demand of fans may also be able to add to the chances of that happening.

Thus, considering all the above factors, the prospective sequel might be greenlit soon by the makers in the coming months. The production schedule planned by them, the speed of development of the storyline, and the availability of the cast and crew determine how long fans have to wait before they can see it. If all goes well, ‘Uncharted 2’ can be expected to arrive sometime in Q4 2024.

Uncharted 2 Cast: Who can be in it?

If ‘Uncharted 2’ is confirmed, actors Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg who play Nate and Victor will reprise their roles. Sophia Ali can reappear as Nate’s love interest Chloe Frazer and Rudy Pankow may return as Sam. Other cast members expected to come back include Pilou Asbæk (Gage), Alana Boden (Zoe), Pingi Moli (Hugo), and Steven Waddington (The Scotsman).

Antonio Banderas and Tati Gabrielle will likely not be returning since their characters Santiago Moncada and Jo Braddock are dead. Moreover, Manuel de Blas possibly won’t be reprising the role of Armando Moncada as his story arc seems to have ended. New cast members are also expected to join as more characters may be introduced to continue the narrative further.

Uncharted 2 Plot: What can it be About?

‘Uncharted’ follows Nate fifteen years after his brother Sam leaves him at the orphanage with the ring of their ancestor Sir Francis Drake. He is approached by Victor, who claims to be a former associate of Sam, and together they embark to look for the Magellan treasure. Nate further hopes to find his brother with the help of the postcards sent by him and Victor. While attempting to steal a golden cross linked to the treasure, the duo encounters Santiago Moncada, who belongs to a family of reputed treasure hunters, and mercenary leader Jo Braddock.

After narrowly escaping, Nate and Victor go to Barcelona and meet Chloe, the latter’s contact. She initially tries to steal the cross from them but later agrees to become their ally. But soon she is revealed to be hired by Moncada and steals the map that she and Nate find in a secret altar. They escape after being ambushed by Braddock, who betrays and kills Moncada. Victor reunites with Nate on Braddock’s plane and discloses that she had shot Sam before.

Later, Nate and Chloe land in the Philippines after being thrown off the plane, and based on Sam’s postcards, he deciphers the treasure’s location and reunites with Victor. However, Braddock arrives there with her crew to airlift the treasure, leading to a massive altercation. Nate and Victor successfully defeat her, and she dies after getting crushed by a ship. Unfortunately, they have to let go of the treasure when the navy reaches to seize it. As the movie ends, Sam is shown to be alive and writing to Nate from prison to be careful. On the other hand, Nate tries to forge a deal with Gage and is saved by Victor after being double-crossed.

The potential sequel might follow the duo on an adventurous quest for a new treasure. It shall also unfold the mystery behind Sir Francis’ ring and reunite the Drake brothers. Other feasible story arcs include the unknown danger that Sam warned his sibling about and Chloe and Nate’s love story.

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