When Does Workin’ Moms Season 4 Come Out on Netflix?

One can never prepare himself or herself for parenthood. Yet, many women dive into an intense pursuit, preparing and practicing motherhood even before they are mothers. Many women also set expectations for themselves which includes, giving birth, nursing, and returning to work once the child is of manageable age. However, what comes after giving birth isn’t always what one may have anticipated.

‘Workin’ Moms’ is a Canadian comedy series that showcases the real-life struggles of working moms after delivering a baby and while raising a child. It centers around four working mothers who try to maintain a balance between their jobs, love life, family and mostly try to give time to their kids in today’s world as they reside in Toronto, Canada.

The series is created by Catherine Reitman along with Philip Sternberg and filmed in Toronto and first premiered on January 10, 2017, on CBC television. This comedy-drama is written by Rebecca Kohler, Diane Flacks, Karen Moore, and Ingrid Haas, and directed by Catherine Reitman, Aleysa Young, and Paul Fox.

After a successful stint in Canada, the series was picked up by Netflix and released on the platform in February 2019. “Being a strong supporter of Canadian creators and producers we are thrilled when our series are seen around the world. There’s no denying that [streamers] like Amazon and Netflix have that incredible platform,” CBC’s general manager of programming, Sally Catto, said. “They allow audiences outside the country and even perhaps within Canada that haven’t had an opportunity to see these series or weren’t aware of them be exposed to them.”

The show has garnered a dozen Canadian Screen Award nominations and an International Emmy nomination. In 2017, the show won a prestigious award, the World’s Best Comedy Television Program at New York Festival. After spanning three successful seasons, here’s when ‘Workin’ Moms’ season 4 will premiere on Netflix.

Workin’ Moms Season 4 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

‘Workin’ Moms’ season 4 was renewed for its fourth edition on May 29, 2019. It premiered on February 18, 2020, on CBS for the Canadian audience. After spanning eight episodes, it ended on April 7, 2020. ‘Workin’ Moms’ season 4 will release on May 6, 2020, on Netflix, for its US viewers.

Workin’ Moms Season 4 Cast: Who is in it?

The main cast of the show in season 4 is led by Catherine Reitman, who plays Kate Foster, Dani Kind who plays Anne Carlson and Juno Rinaldi who stars as Frankie Coyne. They are joined by Jessalyn Wanlim as Jenny Matthews and Dennis Andres as Ian Matthews.

Other cast members include Philip Sternberg as Nathan Foster, Sarah McVie as Val Szalinsky, Ryan Belleville as Lionel Carlson, Peter Keleghan as Richard, Nikki Duval as Rosie Phillips, Sadie Munroe as Alice Carlson, Nelu Handa as Jade, Oluniké Adeliyi as Giselle Bois, Jess Salgueiro as Mean Nanny/Renya, Mimi Kuzyk as Eleanor Galperin, Jennifer Pudavick as Gena Morris, Aviva Mongillo as Juniper, Tennille Read as Bianca, and Christopher Redman as Brad.

Workin’ Moms Season 4 Plot: What’s it About?

As the maternity leave gets over, four moms have to get back to their normal routines. The series gives us an inside look at their lives and presents to us how they navigate kids, their bosses, and their personal lives. It also showcases their daily lives and their emotional journeys in the series. It shows the experiences these mothers have to go through, and the challenges they have to face at work and at their homes.

They have to make some tough decisions and choices to balance everything. The show isn’t a documentary but a fictional show which is quite relatable to our lives. The show also features some dark humor that deals with abortion and postpartum depression. The real challenges of body image, mom guilt, and breastfeeding are also highlighted in the show.

In season 3, Kate rues her decision to seeking stability in her life and choosing it over other things that matter more. She realizes that the thing she thought was stable in her life is pushing her out of her comfort zone. Season 4 continues to revolve around Kate and her friends as they try to adjust their lives around their kids.

Workin’ Moms Trailer:

Check out the trailer for season 4 below:

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