When Will World of Dance Season 4 Premiere on NBC?

‘World of Dance’ is a reality dance competition that airs on the NBC. It first premiered on May 30, 2017. Despite being in competition with other already popular dance shows, the series became an instant success, in part due to some of the amazing dance performances you will ever see. The beauty of the show is that you can be from any part of the world; you will get to show your talent here.

World of Dance in itself is a famous global dance brand that helps organize such competitions, and the series is a result of a successful collaboration. Needless to say, in such capable hands, it has been executed with a degree of finesse that has won it a steady base of fans. After three successful seasons, the show will be returning with a brand new season in 2020. Here’s everything we know about World of Dance season 4.

Who are the Judges on World of Dance? Who’s the Host?

‘World of Dance’ comprises of judges, the host and the participant dancers, of course. While the contestants keep changing over the seasons, the judges and the host remains the same for the most part. Currently, the three judges on the show are Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo, and Derek Hough, while Scott Evans is the host.

Season 4 will most likely see all the judges return to the show.

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What is World of Dance About?

‘World of Dance’ is about competitors from all around the world trying to win a million dollar prize and to be recognized as the best at what they do.

Dancing is an important part of our lives. Hence we all like to watch people dance. Unfortunately, those who can’t do, watch or something like that. ‘World of Dance’ gives viewers an opportunity to see some unbelievable talent. People from anywhere can perform here, whether solo or in groups. They are judged by three judges purely on dancing talents and decisions are made by combining their total score. There is no audience voting, so only judges decide their fates.

However, the scoring process is a complicated one and spread across five categories. They all add up to 100 points, and the highest scorers win. In the performance category, they are marked on effort and personalities, that is how much was included in the dance routine, and how many personalities were added to express the said routine.

In technique, dancers are judged on their transitions, cleanness, and execution. While the first depends on how they switch between moves, the second depends on synchronization, while the third is of course how well they present it at the moment. They are also judged on choreography, where the dancers are judged on the difficulty of their performance, how well pictures, movements, and figures are included, which is the musicality of it, and on any unexpected tricks that might be part of the performance.

Creativity is, of course, a major scoring point since dance is, after all, an art form. Thus dancers are judged on their originality, that is, the uniqueness of the dance, their artistic choices, that is, the various styles of dance that have been displayed and how they have come together, and dynamics, which is essentially how energized their performance has been. Dance is, after all, a performance art, and thus presentation plays a massive factor. Thus crowd appeal and impact also become important. Crowd appeal is judged by how the audiences responded to the performance, while the impact is how much the performance is talked about once it is over. While these two are both subjective parameters, the judges quantify them all the same.

Hopefully, the show will continue in a similar fashion, and we will see new performers with more electrifying presentations and the competition is likely to heat up since there is a lot at stake and plenty of effort goes into the entire thing as well.

World of Dance Season 4 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘World of Dance’ Season 3 premiered on February 26, 2019 and came to an end on May 5, 2019 with Kings United from India being crowned as the winner.

As far as the next season goes, we have good news for the fans. On May 11, 2019, NBC renewed the show for a fourth season. Even though no release date was revealed in the announcement, you can expect ‘World of Dance’ Season 4 to release sometime in February, 2020.

Should You Watch World of Dance?

Definitely yes, if you like watching reality shows. What stands out in the show is how much practice the performers put in, to be able to get up on stage and deliver. There are no doubts that they have trained years to get to where they are. Perseverance is definitely a takeaway from the show, as is creativity.

The series sends the message across that dance can be just as emotional, expressive, and uplifting as any other form of art. Art has always been a bastion of resistance against conformity and has proven time and again that it is an outlet for subversion that gets channeled into creativity.

Thus, it is very easy to turn performance art into protest art, and at a time in America when the political clime is one of cultural hegemony, and thus art is being suppressed, maybe the need of the hour is a show like this, where performers from all around the world can showcase their talents, and bring their cultures to the stage, showing that we are together in this, and there is a link of humanity that is more sublime, and better formed through art, than through politically and geographically defined borders of nation states.

World of Dance Trailer:

While we wait for an update on season 4, check out clips and performance from the show on its official YouTube page.

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