10 World Records Made by Indian Movies and Film Personalities

Indian film industry, especially Bollywood, has always been known to be a prolific and commerce-driven. But despite producing the most number of films every year, it is beaten hands down by Hollywood in terms of content, prestige and money. But how does it fare in terms of holding world records. Pretty well, we must see! It is funny that when we talk about “records”, we usually think about sports. But records are records. It can be made on a sports field or the field of cinema. And as someone has said it right “records are meant to be broken”, we are here to list down the 10 world records that made by Bollywood movies and film personalities.


1. Sameer Anjaan : For writing 3524 songs


2. Kumar Sanu: For recording 28 songs in a single day


3. Asha Bhosle: Most recorded music artist history


4. Baahubali – The Beginning: World’s largest poster


5. Jagdish Raj – Played Police Inspector in 144 films