Where to Stream Yellowstone?

How far would you go to protect your family and its interests? This is a question that ‘Yellowstone’ repeatedly poses, and the answer is an extremely violent one. It seems that people will go to any lengths to keep their families and interests intact. But the show manages to juxtapose all of this against the backdrop of beautiful vistas and packs some talented cast members to give the drama an added edge.

Although ‘Yellowstone’ goes over the top in some cases to be taken too seriously, it portrays a lawless land, where passions run high and killing is just a way of life. One family has to maintain their land interests in this scenario, where violence begets violence, and you never know who is friend or foe. Can the family survive? To know that, you must watch the show.

‘Yellowstone’ already has two seasons, and a third one has been ordered. So this is the perfect time to see the show if you have not seen it, or to rewatch it if you already have seen it. Either way, before we tell you about where to see it, let us discuss a bit about the series’ plot.

What is Yellowstone About?

‘Yellowstone’ tells the story of the Dutton family, led by John Dutton (Kevin Costner). The basic premise is how this man and his family come together to protect their ranch against various interests.

The first season shows how the family comes together to fight against two threats. Firstly, the Dutton family owns the largest contiguous ranch in the US. However, with all this comes the threat of attack: one is from the Broken Rock Reservation, that is the Indians, and the other is from a land developer. Both these parties try to get pieces of Dutton territory, while all the family members come together to try and stop it. We meet Kayce (Luke Grimes) who wants a peaceful life but is soon dragged into the thick of it all when he tries to avenge his brother’s death and becomes John’s henchman.

We also meet Jamie (Wes Bentley) who is a slick manipulator and remains loyal to the family, though he distances himself when they disagree over the direction the ranch should take. Then comes Beth (Kelly Reilly), who is a woman in a very male-dominated space. She is powerful, nonetheless, and when she is not guzzling on drugs or alcohol, she is equal parts charming and dominating towards the developer, warning him to stay away from the Dutton land. She has a kind of chip on her shoulder that we get to see, since she feels responsible for her mother’s death.

While John leads the family charge on all fronts, Jamie tries to be moral and uses his political connections to protect Yellowstone. Kayce and John are old fashioned and prefer violence. Amidst all this, we also get to know that John is hiding a cancer diagnosis from his family. Overall, the season sets up characters very well, and we see how Jamie is cut off from the family, as Kayce and Beth come more to the forefront. However, John’s character could have been utilized more, which brings us to the second season of the show.

The second season kicks things up a notch by focusing on the people who run the ranch. Thus, we get a lot more perspective. Beth emerges as an indomitable force, running roughshod over everyone in her way. However, there is a new threat to the Dutton family, in the form of a business mogul who runs a casino with his brother. These people like to get down and dirty and like the Duttons, they stop at nothing to make sure that they get what they want. This results in some satisfying confrontations throughout the season, and we are left asking whether the Dutton family will come out of it unscathed. They do for the most part, and the best thing about ‘Yellowstone’ is the way it manages to introduce levity in the action sequences as well, making it an invigorating watch. Now that ‘Yellowstone’ is getting another season, let us tell you where to watch the show.

Is Yellowstone on Netflix?

Netflix has some amazing family dramas, even when it comes to television shows. Although ‘Yellowstone’ is not on the platform, nothing compares to ‘Peaky Blinders‘, when it comes to going above and beyond for your family. Watch the Shelby family from Birmingham in this British crime drama as they come together to face various threats while struggling to keep their business interests alive.

Is Yellowstone on Hulu?

Hulu has some really great content, be it films or television shows, and the platform keeps improving on it by adding smartly. Though ‘Yellowstone’ might not be on Hulu, you can watch ‘Harlots‘ for a fantastic drama where the owner of a brothel has to get down and dirty to protect her business interests. It shows how women make their place in a male-dominated world, which is something we can see Beth do in ‘Yellowstone’.

Is Yellowstone on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has an amazing library that cannot be easily bested. Although Prime subscribers cannot watch ‘Yellowstone’ as is, they can buy the seasons and view it. Each episode in Season 1 costs $2.99, while the entire season costs $24.99. For Season 2, each episode is priced the same and the entire season costs $19.99. We recommend that you buy the entire season and save some money instead of purchasing individual episodes. Check it out here.

Where Can I Stream Yellowstone Online?

I bet you are wondering if there are any other platforms where you can stream ‘Yellowstone’. Well, there is no need to wonder anymore. Head over to Sling and you can stream both seasons of the show.

Where Can I Watch Yellowstone Online For Free?

Sorry freeloaders, but at this moment, you cannot watch ‘Yellowstone’ for free. You have to wait till it arrives on one of the platforms that allow free streaming.

However, we urge readers to pay for any art they consume.

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