Yellowstone Season 4: Everything We Know

Reared by the creative voices of Taylor Sheridan and John Linson, ‘Yellowstone’ is a neo-western drama series set in the rural heart of the US. Featuring stellar performances from a cast led by the charismatic Kevin Costner, the series follows a traditional family of wealthy landowners as they fight off currents of time. Although initially formulated to be a film, the Paramount original series received soaring viewership upon the first season’s premiere in 2018.

Following the record-shattering success of the inaugural season, the series went on to spawn two additional seasons, with each season exceeding the expectations of the fans. The immense cliffhanger at the end of season 3 leaves viewers gasping for more. So if you are curious to know the whereabouts of the follow-up season, let us spill all the beans at once.

Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date

‘Yellowstone’ season 3 premiered on June 21, 2020, on Paramount  Network, with the season finale premiering on August 23, 2020. The third season comprises ten episodes with runtimes ranging between 37 and 92 minutes per episode.

On February 21, 2020, ahead of the premiere of the third season, Paramount Network revived the show for a fourth season. In July 2020, series co-creator Taylor Sheridan told Deadline that filming would begin by mid-August. In the interview, he also spilled that the production will move from Utah to Montana in an attempt to ward off the pandemic. Filming for the season commenced on August 21, 2020, with the crew moving to set. On November 18, 2020, the official handle of Chief Joseph Ranch in Western Montana (where the season is filmed) shared a post announcing the wrapping up of production.

In another development, on February 5, 2021, Variety divulged that the show will get a prequel as ViacomCBS extended its deal with Taylor Sheridan. The show, titled ‘Y:1883,’ will follow the Dutton family in the late 19th century as they move up west and establish their Montana ranch. Coming back to the fourth season, although the parent network is yet to set a release date in stone, following the trends of the previous seasons, we can very well expect ‘Yellowstone’ season 4 to premiere sometime in June 2021.

Yellowstone Season 4 Cast: Who is in it?

The finale of season three is packed with revelations and cliffhangers, as it marks the exit of some ranchers from the show. However, the series features a massive ensemble of cast, and all of the cast members whose characters survive the madness of the third season will reprise their roles. The Dutton patriarch himself comes under threat at the ending of the third season.

However, without Kevin Costner, the show will not be quite the same, and the BTS images posted by Costner on set in Montana indicate that he will be back on board. Among the remaining siblings of the Dutton family, Luke Grimes will take up the role of Kayce, and Kelly Reilly will essay the character of Beth, well, that is, if they survive the attack of the season finale. Wes Bentley will definitely reprise the role of estranged Dutton sibling Jamie.

Other returning cast members include Cole Hauser (Rip Wheeler), Brecken Merrill (Tate), Wendy Moniz (Governor Lynelle Perry), Gil Birmingham (Chief Thomas Rainwater), and Kelsey Asbille (Monica). In addition, the third season introduces a few new characters, such as the diabolical Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway), and the ranch hand Teeter (Jennifer Landon). Still, we are not quite sure whether they will reprise their roles in the follow-up. In all likelihood, the fourth season will recruit some new faces, although no official announcement has been made in that regard.

Yellowstone Season 4 Plot: What is it About?

As the tense third season comes to an uncertain end, viewers are left to speculate the fate of the Dutton family. At the beginning of the season, John sees a vision of a family of two waiting by the side of the road for help, but John has the feeling that they don’t need help. The story comes full circle with the re-enactment of the scene in the finale. But before that, the season sees the land of the ranchers coming under threat when a conglomerate called Market Equities encroaches upon their territory. They want to make an airport that would take away the generations-old estate from the Dutton family.

Jamie takes up a new role in the governor’s office. The corporation sends a man named Wade Marrow to scare the Duttons into submission. A war rages on between the past and the present, and John finds himself helpless. Beth faces a massive explosion while Kayce is ambushed in his office. John is shot by an assailant by the side of the road while fixing a car, just like in his dreams, and a frantic Rip calls Jamie for help, but Jamie has changed sides. In the last scene, John is seen to be gasping for air while he tries to access his phone.

We get the impression that season three is only the beginning of what can be a bloodbath. As the conflicts within and outside the family take root, we believe that there will be some more casualties in the forthcoming season. There is a chance that Rip may see the last light of day in the fourth season, taking a cue from a scene in the last episode of season 3, where he looks up to find vultures hovering over him, which is quite a bad omen.

Also, the identity of the orchestrator behind the killings is not yet revealed, and the fourth season will hopefully be more telling. We believe that it is the adopted Dutton son Jamie who planned the murders, and if the Duttons are still alive (most likely they are), that does put Jamie in a bad situation. As the season finale of the third installment pans out, it is suggested that there may be a spy among the ranch hands, and season 4 will probably explore this strand with reinforcing details. But most importantly, the upcoming season will decide the fate of the Dutton patriarch.

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