Where To Stream Yesterday?

‘Yesterday’ imagines a world where nobody except for one person seems to remember the music by The Beatles. It is a bleak world, and Danny Boyle has aptly named the film after the song by The Beatles. Whatever troubles seemed to be far away, yesterday now seems as though they are here to stay. Such is the life of the struggling musician upon whom the task falls to reintroduce the world to the music by The Beatles.

If you are a music lover, and if you ever felt the slightest touch of Beatlemania, then you will love how this movie pays a tribute to perhaps the most popular band of all time. Some of the most well-known destinations from the songs are also visited, like Strawberry Field, Penny Lane, and the grave of Eleanor Rigby. Thus it is a great trip in familiarity and nostalgia, and a lovely way to revisit the songs. Boyle’s movie also comes in a timely manner as the world is seeing a shift in music preferences, and in all likelihood, people will have forgotten about the great music that The Beatles put out, in a few years’ time.

‘Yesterday’ gained praise for its performances, premise, overall light tone, and obviously the musical sequences. If you happen to love The Beatles, then you must watch this movie, and even if you have seen it, there’s no harm in watching it again. Thus we bring you a list of places where you can watch ‘Yesterday’, but before that, let us briefly tell you what it is about.

What is Yesterday About?

The story of ‘Yesterday’ squarely focuses on the life of Jack Malik (Himesh Patel), a struggling musician from Lowestoft. Ellie (Lily James), his childhood friend, and manager begs him to hold on to his dreams. However, Jack’s life really takes a turn after he is hit by a bus during a sudden global blackout. He wakes up to discover that no one on Earth has heard of The Beatles, and thus begins a trip of a lifetime. He begins to perform their songs, claiming them as his own and begins to garner attention.

After performing on a local channel, Jack gets invited by Ed Sheeran (well, a fictionalized version of the pop singer) to open an act for him in Moscow. Ellie declines to join as she has responsibilities as a schoolteacher, but Jack’s roadie friend, Rocky, is up for the travel. After the performance, Jack is signed by Sheeran’s agent, Debra Hammer (Kate McKinnon). He becomes globally famous as potentially the greatest singer-songwriter of all time. He also visits Liverpool, the hometown of The Beatles, to try and remember more of their songs.

In the meanwhile, Ellie confesses her feelings for Jack, but when they spend a drunken evening together and kiss, she makes it clear that she is looking for something more concrete than a fling. Jack has a choice to make, either Ellie or his career, and the heartbroken man returns to Los Angeles. The record label he signs with is busy trying to maximize profits and choose to promote Jack’s talent. During the performance to announce the album launch, Jack meets two fans of The Beatles. They tell him that they know he has plagiarized the songs, but express their gratitude for keeping the music of this band alive, because they had thought that it would be lost forever.

Not just that, but these fans also give Jack the address of John Lennon (who in this version of events has lived till old age). When Jack asks him whether John has led a successful life, he replies that he has led a happy life with his wife (which the real-life John Lennon also shared with Yoko Ono). He also urges Jack to follow his heart and chase the one he loves and to always tell the truth.

Armed with this new knowledge and words of wisdom, Jack takes the stage at Wembley, which has been arranged by Sheeran. There he confesses that he plagiarized the songs and confesses his love for Ellie. He also has Rocky upload the songs on the internet for free, sabotaging the record label’s moneymaking schemes. As the movie ends, we see Jack and Ellie get married and start a family together, while Jack takes the job of a music teacher.

So without much further ado, let us get to where you can watch ‘Yesterday’.

Is Yesterday on Netflix?

Netflix has a fascinating library with content that can cater to almost everyone’s tastes. Thus there is something for everyone on this premier content provider’s platform. Although ‘Yesterday’ is not on Netflix yet, you can cure that itch for The Beatles by checking out ‘Beat Bugs‘ or ‘How the Beatles Changed the World‘.

Is Yesterday on Hulu?

Hulu has an ever-expanding library and it has made some smart additions content-wise in order to be reckoned with a degree of respect as an established content provider. Although ‘Yesterday’ is not available for streaming on this platform, Hulu subscribers are strongly urged to check out the documentary ‘The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years‘, to know more about the band that is the inspiration behind Danny Boyle’s movie.

Is Yesterday on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has an enviable collection of films and television shows, but ‘Yesterday’ is unfortunately not among them. However, this is no reason to feel low, as the streaming platform has a brilliant offering from The Beatles. Check out their album, ‘The Beatles 1‘, which is a compilation of some of their best songs accompanied by visual representations.

Where Can I Watch Yesterday Online?

‘Yesterday’ is not available on any of the major streaming platforms yet, thus it would be a little too much to hope for it to be available elsewhere. You cannot watch it online for now, but we are sure ‘Yesterday’ will be arriving on one streaming platform or another, soon enough.

When will Yesterday Release on DVD or BluRay?

Unfortunately, ‘Yesterday’ is not yet available on DVD or BluRay. The estimated time of release is October 2019. However, it is totally understandable if you do not want to wait that long. You can preorder your copy of the movie, here.

Can I Watch Yesterday Online For Free?

No, for now ‘Yesterday’ is not available online for free. It was released only recently, and you must wait for it to be available on one streaming platform or another, so you can use the free trial period to watch it. However, we strongly urge our readers to pay for the art they consume.

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