Yolanda and Williams: Update and Spoilers

TLC’s 90 Day Franchise has been providing us with the tumultuous relationships of long-distance couples for a long time now. The ’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ series especially so, because it’s when a couple actually tries to meets for the first time to find out if they really do belong together. It’s hard to form and maintain a relationship online, and it’s particularly harder when you don’t know for sure who the person you’re talking to really is.

Yolanda and Williams: 90 Day Fiance Update

After the death of her husband, Yolanda, the 51-year-old Vegas native was depressed and lonely for a long time, but when she decided to concentrate on her health, she found love as well. By documenting her fitness journey online, she met Williams from Manchester, England. And while they got to know each other and developed a relationship through texting and calls, they have never once video chatted.

When the single mother of six decided to travel to England and meet her online love, he started pulling away. He even went as far as to wipe off his Instagram to avoid her. When her kids did a reverse image search, they found out that Williams was lying to Yolanda the entire time, because the photos he sent to her were of an Italian bodybuilder. All signs of his being a catfish from Nigeria called Uche Gucheano Ibeh are there, but Yolanda, in love with Williams’ personality and blinded by it, wants to find him in England and give him a chance none the less.

In a previous episode, though, things took a bit of a nasty turn as Yolanda received a mail threatening to release her private photographs if she didn’t pay them money. She revealed that the only person to whom she had sent such pictures of herself to, was Williams, but she refused to believe that he could be behind this. She also said that she still loves her Williams and will continue to do so until she knows for sure that he’s lying to her.

Now, Yolanda is determined to find out who her boyfriend really is, and her kids are doing everything in their power to protect her from getting hurt. Want to know where she ends up? Keep scrolling!

Yolanda and Williams: Spoilers

Well, it looks like Yolanda has put the whole story of Williams and Uche behind her. Although she is still proud to be a part of the hit reality TV series, from her Instagram, it looks like she has moved on from her love troubles and is focusing all her energies into her career. She has released a new eBook by the name of Diet Now and is currently working towards launching her website.

On March 7, 2020, she made it clear that she was over her love life drama and being scammed by posting the following picture and tagging Uche in it, saying, “So sad what people will do and say when u “reject” all their advances and try to be a good friend. But the saddest thing is that people will believe them!!! ??‍♀️??‍♀️ #dontbegullible #dontbelievethehype .

Most recently, she also uploaded a selfie of herself looking happy and content, and along with it, she wrote, “Hey hey! Hope Everyone is staying safe out there!! Boy I’m reflecting and getting ready for the next chapter in my life……..????……..leaving the rest behind!!” This means that she has finally realized her worth and knows that moving on from her past relationships is the best option for her.

Uche’s Instagram, on the other hand, states that he is currently in a relationship, but we can’t tell with whom, because all his posts are of just him, living and enjoying his life. Well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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