You Are My Spring Episode 5: What to Expect?

In the fourth episode of ‘You are My Spring,’ Jeong-min’s stark resemblance to Ian, an American citizen suspected to be his twin, alarms everyone. Jin-bok is determined to know the truth, and as he investigates the case, he finds evidence that suggests they are not related. To know what happens further, there is a recap that you can refer to. Moving on, you can check out everything we know about episode 5 of ‘You are My Spring’ here!

You are My Spring Episode 5 Release Date

‘You are My Spring’ episode 5 will release on July 19, 2021, at 3 am ET on Netflix. The show has 16 hour-long episodes in total, which follow a bi-weekly release pattern as they drop every Monday and Tuesday on the network. Besides Netflix, the show also airs in Korea at 9 pm KST on tvN on the same dates.

Where to Watch You are My Spring Episode 5 Online?

As of now, ‘You are My Spring’ is only accessible to Netflix users worldwide. If you’re subscribed to the platform, you can watch the latest episodes according to the time given. Viewers in Korea can also watch the episodes as and when they release on its home network tvN.

You are My Spring Episode 5 Spoilers

In the next episode, Ga-yeong might look back at her past and repent over having divorced Young-do considering her newfound interest in his love life. But Young-do is gradually opening up to Da-jeong, who might have a clue about the significance of the church in the flashback scenes along with the history of the lookalikes. Jin-bok’s investigation might also open up more possibilities about the same.

You are My Spring Episode 4 Recap

‘You Are My Spring’ episode 4 starts with Da-jeong coming across Chae-jun’s identical twin, a neurosurgeon by profession. Although he is a US citizen national called Ian Norman Chase, his roots still lie in Korea. The scene cuts to December 1994, where Da-jeong first realized the existence of the twins. In the present, Jin-bok takes over the case trying to place all the facts in the correct order. He is invited by Da-jeong and questioned about Jeong-min’s family history. She reveals that Ian and Jeong-min look similar but are not related at all. Da-jeong is also suspicious about who Ga-yeong is currently seeing, but Young-do’s lips are sealed, so she might have to look for information elsewhere.

Da-jeong receives a call from her mother, who wants to talk to Young-do for a psychological assessment. She’s unaware that he suffers from bad dreams. Jin-bok sends a message to Ian asking him to meet at the station, but before the American arrives, he sees a gory vision of blood dripping down his door. Elsewhere, Da-jeong is concerned about Young do’s emotional health, but she doesn’t know that his problems are strictly related to his recent encounter with Cheol-do. Nevertheless, she feels better, and Young-do further adds to her recovery by vowing to stay by her side. Later, Da-jeong asks Ian if he knows Jeong-min, but he is offended by the question and refuses to answer it. The detectives are relying on the possibility that they’re twins. At the crime scene, Young-do feels someone approaching him and is severely astounded upon closer inspection.

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