You are My Spring Episode 7: What to Expect?

In the sixth episode of ‘You are My Spring,’ Young-do and Da-jeong spend more time together, but an accident creates a disturbance in the air. Jin-bok’s partner Park ends up at the hospital, and the only viable suspect happens to be Ian. To know how the story of episode 7 continues, you can refer to the descriptive recap. Now, let’s take a look at what the eighth episode of ‘You are My Spring’ might reveal!

You are My Spring Episode 7 Release Date

‘You are My Spring’ episode 7 will premiere on July 26, 2021, at 3 am ET on Netflix. The show comprises 16 hour-long episodes, which follow a bi-weekly release pattern as they land every Monday and Tuesday on the network. Besides Netflix, the new episode will release in Korea at 9 pm KST on tvN on the same dates.

Where to Watch You are My Spring Episode 7 Online?

As of now, ‘You are My Spring’ is only accessible to Netflix users. If you own a subscription to the streaming giant, you can watch ‘You are My Spring’ episode 7 here when it lands on the platform at the aforementioned date and time. Viewers in Korea can access the episodes as and when they release on its home network, tvN.

You are My Spring Episode 7 Spoilers

In the seventh episode of ‘You are My Spring,’ Kang Da-jeong will be traumatized after her recent encounter with Ian. She will go through the events in her head and realize that he probably thought she wanted to take his life. When Young-do finds out, she might have to face the consequences, especially when the police enter the scene. They will continue to investigate Ian, but they might grow suspicious about his real identity. Young-do will tell Kang Da-jeong that he likes her, but we don’t know what her answer will be. Here’s a preview for the next episode!

You are My Spring Episode 6 Recap

In episode 6 of ‘You are My Spring,’ Young-do and Da-jeong go sightseeing. They run into a couple of tourists who are mesmerized by their costumes but later fail to reach the hanbok shop on time. The store gets shut, causing them to take the bus together. The couple is in a much better space as compared to Jin-bok and his partner, who are waiting out their fate in the hospital. Jin-bok snaps at Ian for having allegedly attacked Park.

They check the CCTV footage revealing a mysterious man driving a knife into Park’s body before running away. It further shows that Ian finds him and brings him to the hospital. Ga-yeong’s partner tells Young-do that he deeply cares for Ga-yeong. The next day, Young-do overhears a conversation between Jin-bok and his superior at the police station. Jin-bok’s obsession with Ian has put other lives at stake, and as Young-do registers the conversation in his head, he is reminded of his own past. He later buries himself into a pile of CCTV footage of cameras placed at multiple locations.

Ian is suspicious of Jeong-min, and the topic opens up a discussion with Da-jeong, who has mixed feelings about Jeong-min. He had always been nice to her, so there weren’t any noticeable red flags to begin with. Ian reminisces his past where we see him being dragged into the corner of a church. Ian was possibly a victim of abuse, although it is not revealed in the episode. Ian wakes up to find Da-jeong standing over him, but it takes him a split second to pull her by the neck and pin her to the ground.

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