You Don’t Know Me Season 2: Renewed or Cancelled?

Based on the 2017 namesake book by Barrister Imran Mahmood, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is a courtroom thriller drama series. The show never provides the real name of the protagonist, He is referred to as the Defendant in Netflix’s captions and Hero in the credits. Accused of murdering a drug dealer, the Defendant is sure that he will be found guilty. As a desperate measure, he fires his lawyer and decides to deliver the closing speech himself and tell the jury what he claims to be the truth.

Following its premiere, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ mainly received positive reviews. Much praise was directed at the performances and casting, though the show garnered some criticism for the perceived lack of urgency in the plot. If you have watched the first season and want to know whether there will be a season 2, we got you covered.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Release Date

‘You Don’t Know Me’ season 1 premiered on June 17, 2022, on Netflix. It originally aired from December 5 to December 13, 2021, on BBC One. The first season comprises four episodes of 54-58-minute runtime. As for the sophomore season, this is what we know.

Neither the series producers nor BBC executives have confirmed the development of a second season. As mentioned above, ‘You Don’t Know Me’ is the TV adaptation of a crime novel, which doesn’t have a sequel. However, the inaugural season has an ambiguous ending. If it becomes successful enough, the creators might decide to bring it back for another season, which can address the unanswered questions. If ‘You Don’t Know Me’ does this, it will not be the first show to do it, nor will it be the last.

The producers can potentially turn the show into an anthological series and develop new seasons based on other works by Mahmood. Or, they can be separate shows, with the only tangible connection being that the shows have the same creative team and are based on Mahmood’s books. BBC has been doing a similar thing with the works of Irish author Sally Rooney. ‘Normal People‘ came out in 2020 and ‘Conversations with Friends’ in 2022. Both have the same creative team and are based on Rooney’s books. Ultimately, no matter in what form the next installment of ‘You Don’t Know Me’ exists, we can consider it a second season for convenience. If the show is renewed in the following few months, the audience can expect ‘You Don’t Know Me’ season 2 to come out sometime in Q3 2023.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Cast: What Can It Be About?

As we have already mentioned, the protagonist’s name is never given. He is either referred to as the Defendant or Hero. British actor Samuel Adewunmi portrays him. the cast of the first season also includes Sophie Wilde (Kyra), Bukky Bakray (Bless), Roger Jean Nsengiyumva (Jamil), Tuwaine Barrett (Curt), Yetunde Oduwole (Adebi), Michael Balogun (Face), and Prosecution Barrister or Miss Mahmood (Badria Timmi).

As Nsengiyumva and probably Balogun’s characters are dead, they will not appear in the prospective second season, except maybe in the flashback sequences. Adewunmi might return along with the rest of the cast if the producers decide to stick to his story in the next season. If the producers decide to adapt Mahmood’s other’s works, new actors might be actively cast for various roles.

You Don’t Know Me Season 2 Plot: What Can It Be About?

In the season finale of ‘You Don’t Know Me,’ it is revealed that Bless shot and killed Jamil. Face is also probably dead. Curt and Kyra go on the run. The Defendant decides to turn himself in and ensures that he will be blamed for the murder of Jamil. Before she leaves, Kyra makes the Defendant promise that if he fails to gain freedom in any other way, he will blame her for the crimes. The Defendant imagines himself getting guilty or not-guilty verdicts. The series ends ambiguously, right before the jury announces their verdict.

If the producers decide to continue the Defendant and Kyra’s story, we might see that the Defendant is free and searching for Kyra. Bless might accompany him in his search. After all, Kyra is her closest friend. If they adapt Mahmood’s other works, it can either be ‘All I Said Was True’ or ‘I Know What I Saw.’

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