You Season 3: Everything We Know

Netflix’s ‘You’ is an intriguing tale of a psychopath, Joe Goldberg, who finds himself looking for love, but in his own twisted way. On the surface, he is a romantically inclined one-woman guy who can sweep any girl off her feet. Yet his longing for love stems out of an excessively dark place ruled by obsession and extreme possessiveness. Anyone who chances upon him is bound to be doomed. Throughout its two-season run, audiences have had a love/hate relationship with Joe, who, on the one hand, is vigilant and highly protective about the people close to him. But on the other, he is a cold-blooded psychopathic murderer. If you’re wondering about ‘You’ season 3, here’s everything we know.

You Season 3 Release Date

‘You’ season 2 released in its entirety on December 26, 2019, on Netflix. It consists of ten episodes with a runtime less than or equal to 50 minutes each.

As far as the third season is concerned, here’s what we know. On January 14, 2020, Netflix ordered another season for the show, which confirmed its renewal. However, the ongoing production hit a pause for two weeks because of the pandemic, after which it resumed filming on January 18, 2021. Since filming is already underway, the new season might drop out soon. In all probability, we expect ‘You’ Season 3 to release sometime in fall 2021.

You Season 3 Cast: Who Can Be in it?

The cast of ‘You’ is led by ‘Gossip Girl’ star Penn Badgley, who plays the role of its disturbed protagonist Joe Goldberg. Victoria Pedretti stars as Love Quinn, Joe’s love interest who is also the only person privy to his secrets. Jenna Ortega essays the role of Ellie Alves, Joe’s precocious 15-year-old neighbor. James Scully portrays Forty Quinn, Love’s bubbly twin brother who has struggles of his own. Ambyr Childers portrays Candace Stone, Joe’s ex-girlfriend who desperately seeks revenge. Carmela Zumbado plays Delilah Alves, Ellie’s older sister.

Other cast members include Adwin Brown (Calvin), Robin Lord Taylor (Will Bettelheim), Charlie Barnett (Gabe), and Melanie Field (Sunrise Darshan Cummings). Almost all the actors are expected to reprise their roles in the upcoming season except for Carmela Zumbado, James Scully, and Ambyr Childers, whose characters die in season 2. New cast members include Dylan Arnold, Tati Gabrielle, Shannon Chan-Kent, Ben Mehl, and Christopher O’Shea, among others. Michaela McManus will appear in a recurring role as Joe’s new neighbor.

You Season 3 Plot: What Can it Be About?

In the second season, Joe takes up a disguise as Will Bettelheim and falls for Love Quinn, after which he tries to redeem himself by all means possible. But in the shocking finale, Love ends up killing Candace and Delilah to protect Joe from being apprehended. Quinn thereafter gets pregnant, and the duo then decides to start a new life. But Joe is still not happy. The last scene showcases Joe sneaking up to his new neighbor, who is also apparently the new “you.”

Considering the ending of season 2, history is set to repeat itself in the next season. Joe will desperately stalk and spy over his new attraction, trying to win her attention. We’re also confident he will do a fine job in tucking away his new secret from Love, who has a baby to keep her occupied. However, she might discover his real intentions since we all have had a taste of her stalker tendencies comparable to (or even better than) Joe’s.

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