Young and Hungry: Canceled or Renewed?

Young & Hungry is an American sitcom romantic comedy created by David Holden. This series is about jobs, relationships, love, and its complications. It is about how a couple deals with it. Most couples will find it can very easy to relate to the story and its characters. That is the beauty and essence of this series. The premiere was aired on Freedom (back then ABC Family) on June 25, 2014. The fifth series finally concluded on July 25, 2018 after five seasons. The series has also had a special show which premiered on November 24, 2015. It has won four nominations from the Teen Choice Awards, two times from People’s Choice Awards and once from Imagen Awards in the year 2016. It’s five-season run was describes as a successful one and the cast as well as fans were hopeful there would be a sixth season, but it was not so.

Young & Hungry Plot: What’s it about?

The story of Young and Hungry is based on a wealthy man, Josh Kaminski who is based in San Francisco. He is a smart, charming and sweet guy who is an entrepreneur by profession. He hires Gabi Diamond as his personal chef on the condition that she cooks dinner for his girlfriend in such a manner, that will make her say yes to his marriage proposal. But, as fate would have it, his girlfriend breaks up with him. He is left distraught, and Gobi and Josh end up having a one night stand. They keep it a secret, but their feelings and relationship grow with time. The series primarily revolves around both of them and their lives. The dynamic follows the couple’s relationship and their love life. Gabi finds herself faced with challenges that don’t just pertain to the kitchen. The rest of the story deals with how they both tackle the situation, relationship complications, the many confusions, and most importantly the growing love between them.

Young & Hungry Cast: Who’s in it?

The cast comprises of Emily Osment as Gabi Diamond, a young chef, living in San Francisco, with her best friend, Sofia. Jonathan Sadowski as Josh Xander Kaminski, who is a wealthy young tech entrepreneur as well as a self-made millionaire, Aimee Carrero appears as Sofia Rodriguez who is an ambitious banking intern and Gabi’s best friend as well as roommate, Kym Whitley as Yolanda, Josh’s housekeeper, and Rex Lee as Elliot Park, playing Josh’s publicist and right-hand-man. Mallory Jansen as Caroline Penelope Huntington, Bryan Safi as Alan, Jayson Blair as Jake Kaminski, Jesse McCartney as Cooper Finley, Ashley Tisdale as Logan Rawlings, Kylie Minogue as Shauna, Cheryl Hines as Kathy Kaminski, Keegan Allen as Tyler, Cheryl Hines as Kathy Kaminski, Jerry O’Connell as Nick Diamond, Heather Dubrow as Natasha Cook-Campbell, Betty White as Ms. Bernice Wilson form the rest of the cast.           

Young & Hungry Season 6 Release Date: Renewed or Canceled?

Young and Hungry was cancelled after its fifth season so fans won’t be seeing a sixth season of the series. The last season had 19 episodes, and the finale was aired on 25th July 2018, meeting with positive reviews on its ending. It became open to interpretations as it was left on a cliffhanger. The positive news is that there is a rumour about developing a movie on the same series which could be something to look forward to.

Star Emily Osment expressed her feelings with TVLine “We kind of left things on a big cliffhanger, huh?” She further added “We all believe without a doubt that a sixth season would be ordered. But plans changed a little bit, which happens,” she admits. “You can’t predict anything with television, so we had to adjust our trajectory a little bit. You can probably assume what Josh’s response was, but hopefully, we’ll all be able to hear it in person at some point,”