Young Justice Outsiders Season 4: Premiere Date, Cast, Recap, Spoilers

While the DCU is struggling to even get a solid foothold as a multiverse that can win over fans by its own merit and its own distinct identity, outside of the big screen, it is a much more level field between the two giants Marvel and DC. Much of it can be conferred to the successful Netflix adaptations on Marvel titles (e.g. Marvel’s Daredevil) and on the already well-established Arrowverse from DC (much akin to the long-standing MCU).

However, one place where DC arguably outruns Marvel qualitatively and has kept the same consistent through decades now is on animated adaptations – be it for the legendary WB 1990’s Batman series, the many standalone and sequel-based movies, or for the newer TV shows that explores almost every major area of the current DC superhero and rogues gallery.

Much of the limelight falls on the central figures of the Justice League, indeed, but there are also offshoots that shed light and explore the lesser well-known characters. The best example of this is probably Young Justice, which explores the youth squad of the entire superheroes roster in the current mainline DC universe. Before Greg Weisman’s original pitch was to air on Cartoon Network for the first time in 2010 with an hour-length special, there was much confusion regarding the exact scope of the show, and to this day some confusion exists for those who have not watched the show yet. To clarify this, the show is not adapted from Peter David and Todd Nauck’s comic series of the same name. It does feature characters from that series, but it deviates with its own independent focus on the young superheroes of the DC Universe.

Young Justice first premiered on November 26, 2010, as a 26-episode season, on Cartoon Network. The second season followed on April 28, 2012, on the same channel. The originally planned 26-episode season 3, titled Young Justice: Outsiders premiered on January 4, 2019, and went on a mid-season break on January 15, 2019, after airing 13 episodes (Part 1) on DC Universe.

Young Justice Cast: Who’s in it?

Voice acting itself is an exclusive sphere separate from the mainstream movies and TV scene in every industry, and many of the voice talent superstars do not attain mainstream Hollywood fame on nearly the same scale – perhaps because they have no direct visual presence on the screen. However, it has its own niche following, and over the years many voice actors have become iconic representations for certain characters.

Under the context of DC-based animated shows, the best example of how synonymous the voice actors have become with their ace performance in-character is Mark Hamill as the Joker and Kevin Conroy as Batman in the 1990’s animated series. Young Justice does not feature any of them, chiefly because it does not concern the central binary of the DC Universe as Batman and Joker, but instead looks at some comparative outliers at the periphery to give them better characterization.

Even so, Young Justice has a star-studded cast, and the high production value in the renewal at the hands of the official DCU network (although still under Warner Bros) is telling. Young Justice: Outsiders (season 3) brings back the core team of superheroes that has been consistent from the first season – Jesse McCartney as Dick Grayson, Khary Payton as Aqualad (Kaldur’ahm), Jason Spisak as Wally West a.k.a Kid Flash, Nolan North as Superboy, Danica McKellar as Miss Martian, & Stephanie Lemelin as Artemis (who dons the identity of Tigress in Outsiders).

Outsiders has also, thanks to the financial muscle of the new production team, has cast a number of prominent voice actors in its newer characters, including Troy Baker as Geo-Force and Tara Strong as Terra. We can also expect the cast to return full-scale in the next set of thirteen episodes to air this July, and that at least the core team would again be represented by the same voice actors in possible future seasons.

Young Justice Plot: What is it about?

Young Justice is by structure the textbook superhero stuff, but its only tweak is that the characters in it are the plus ones, sidekicks, and/or protégés to central DC superheroes, and there is ample room for independent characterization. Since the show also deals with pre-adolescent superheroes as protagonists, there is also a strong element of bildungsroman that has been incorporated into the storyboarding. Even though it is only loosely adapted from the comic-book counterpart of the series, there had been some continuity concerns about it prior to the show’s premiere back in 2011. But any lore consistency issues and established continuity restraints were eliminated by default because of DC Universe at the time when it was adapted, though the source Earth-16 continuity was largely untapped.

Some pre-existing continuity elements and possible reasons for plot conflict that had since arose since had been simply ignored by the TV adaptation because it was too late to move the show into another Earth, and later The Multiversity addressed some of these conflicts. Set two years after the events of Young Justice: Invasion, the band of young superheroes now must combat the proliferation of the metahuman trafficking crisis, the plots of The Reach and The Light. In addition, the season also marks the introduction of brand-new characters from New Genesis and Apokolips to spice the situation up.

Young Justice Season 4 Release date: When will it premiere?

Young Justice Season 3 premiered on January 4, 2019. The part 2 of season 3 of Young Justice, containing these 13 episodes, released on July 2, 2019. The good news for the fans is that the show has already been renewed for another season. Creators and producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti announced the renewal and screened a new episode of the popular series at Comic-Con International in San Diego.  Even though no release date was revealed, our best guess is that the network can premiere Young Justice Season 4 as early as January, 2020. We will update this section as we learn more.

Young Justice Trailer

With part 2 of season 3 already out, there is naturally a lot of hype about what’s next for the fans. Even though we don’t have a recently released trailer to share, you can watch the already released episodes on DC Universe, and chew on the official trailer trying to hypothesise where the next season might lead the young superheroes. For those of you who want a more in-depth look before watching Young Justice: Outsiders, below is the longer comic-con trailer.

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