Young Rock Episode 5: What to Expect?

‘Young Rock’ episode 4 focuses more on Dwayne’s freshman year as a college student, while his interview in the future continues. The episode flashes back to reveal Dwayne trying to crack into Miami Hurricanes’ starting line-up in his early college days and details his presidential campaign plans in the 2032 timeline. You can find the details of the episode in the recap section, but if you’re curious about ‘Young Rock’ episode 5, here’s what you can expect from the next episode!

Young Rock Episode 5 Release Date

‘Young Rock’ episode 5 is set to air on Tuesday, March 23, 2021, at 8 pm ET on NBC. The show’s first season continues to release new episodes with a running time of 30-minutes every Tuesday.

Where to Watch Young Rock Episode 5?

‘Young Rock’ episode 5 will air on NBC at the above-mentioned date and time, so you catch it by tuning into NBC on your television sets then. The new episode will also be available on NBC’s official website and the NBC app a day after its debut on the television network. Those without an active cable subscription can choose to stream the episode with live TV platforms such as DirecTV and FuboTV. The new episodes of the show are also added to Hulu shortly after their premiere, and subscribers can watch the show on the service. The episodes are also available on Peacock within eight days of their original air date on NBC.

Young Rock Episode 5 Spoilers

‘Young Rock’ episode 5 is titled ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart.’ The episode, set in Pennsylvania in 1987, will focus on Dwayne and Ata’s relationship. Their bond will get tested after Ata learns a heart-breaking revelation about Dwayne that requires her to straighten him out. With Rocky traveling for work, Ata will have to deal with the issue alone.

Young Rock Episode 4 Recap

The fourth episode of ‘Young Rock,’ titled ‘Check Your Head,’ follows Dwayne as he talks about his early college days in his interview. In the flashback, Dwayne moves to college in Miami, Florida, and is picked to be a part of the Miami Hurricanes football team, the current national champions. He wishes to eventually get drafted in NFL and make it big as a footballer. His raw strength instantly makes him catch the eye of the team’s coach and earns him the nickname “Violent Torso.” Dwayne becomes popular in college thanks to being a part of the Hurricanes squad and enjoys college life. Meanwhile, Rocky starts a new job in Tampa, and Ata worries about Dwayne attending college by himself.

During a training session, he is tackled hard and pinned to the ground by a teammate and has an awkward fall that injures his shoulder. The injury puts Dwayne out for the entire season. Initially, he is optimistic about rehab to come back strong next year but quickly starts spiraling down. He returns home and Ata senses something is wrong with Dwayne. She asks Rocky to talk to him, and Rocky gives Dwayne a pep talk about never quitting. Dwayne becomes determined to earn his spot on the team back. The episode closes with Dwayne’s coach from freshman year appearing on the interview and praising his never-say-die attitude.

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