Young Wallander Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled?

Developed by Ben Harris, the detective series ‘Young Wallander’ builds on the famous detective envisioned by Swedish crime writer Henning Mankell. Although a modern retelling, the series imagines a much younger Wallander, almost as a prequel to the original stories. The second season follows Kurt and Frida in modern-day Malmo as they team up to decode two murders eight years apart. Kurt looks for connections between the two cases, but his investigation gradually spirals out of control. After its original September 2020 release, the series garnered recognition for its gloomy Nordic noir ambiance and sharp aesthetic, although some fans felt the lack of a period feel. The second season wraps the story nicely, but you may be rooting for the third season. Is the third season indeed a possibility? Let us investigate further.

Young Wallander Season 3 Release Date

‘Young Wallander’ season 2 premiered in its entirety on February 17, 2022, on Netflix. Like the first one, the second installment packs six episodes with runtimes ranging between 36 and 45 minutes per episode. Let us now consider the prospects of a follow-up season.

The show received mostly positive reviews from fans and critics. The response was not too robust. However, the popularity of the fictional character of Kurt Wallander has not diminished even to this day. The abundance of material and the reaction from global fans may encourage the steaming platform to give young Kurt another chance. If the show is renewed for a third season by the end of 2022, we expect the potential ‘Young Wallander’ season 3 to premiere in fall 2024 or later.

Young Wallander Season 3 Cast: Who Can Be In It?

Almost all of the central cast members whose characters remain alive till the end of the second season may reprise their roles in the possible follow-up season. The series features a tight-knit cast ensemble including Adam Pålsson (Kurt Wallander), Leanne Best (Frida Rask), Ellise Chappell (Mona), Yasen Atour (Reza Al-Rahman), Tomiwa Edun (Samuel Osei), and others. All or most of them will make a comeback in the potential third installment – if there is a third installment at all. We may also expect some fresh faces considering the nature of the series, but it would be difficult to say anything about that without an official announcement.

Young Wallander Season 3 Plot: What Can It Be About?

The second season picks up from the aftermath of the first season, and Kurt still copes with the loss of Hemberg. In the meantime, the police stumble upon a hit-and-run case, which claims the life of Elias Fagar. While a seeming result of drunk driving, the death is later revealed as premeditated murder. Frida Rusk recognizes Elias from her first prosecution case eight years ago. The present story dives into the past. She thought Elias and his brother killed Jurgen Moberg, their perverted swimming instructor.

We later come to know that there may be more to the story, and the killer of Moberg happens to be Amelia Holmgren, the daughter of Edwin Holmgren and the classmate of Elias. In the end, Soren makes Amelia spill the truth by holding a knife at her throat – when Amelia accepts her part in the story, Soren gets his closure. The police cannot keep Amelia while they manage to bring in Petterson. The case closes conclusively while the detectives visit Hemberg’s grave at the finale.

The potential third season may move the story forward, attempting to connect to the original stories. Since Kurt Wallander is a famous fictional character in Swedish and global popular culture, the creators may be interested in a bit of fan service. With that being said, the possible third installment may further explore the relationship between Mona and Kurt. We know they get separated later, and the potential third season may bring us to the conjecture. On the other hand, we shall see whether Osei and Frida Rusk revisit their old romantic stint, as the second season’s finale suggests.

Osei and Kurt will probably overcome their differences, and Osei will hopefully loosen up a bit. Let us not forget about Kurt and Reza’s friendship either. Reza has expressed anger and frustration towards Kurt throughout the second season, possibly due to an inferiority complex. Although the second season resolves the issue by the end, it does not give us a possible explanation behind Reza’s panic attacks. Considering the character’s popularity, the writers can spin new mysteries – and the possibilities are endless.

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