Younger Season 7 Episode 5: What to Expect?

In ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 4, we see Liza and Charles move on with their lives. Charles’ growing intimacy with Quinn might be something to worry about for Liza. On the other hand, she gets involved with Kai, as they also become partners in business. For detailed information about the rest of the episode, you can read through the recap section. But before you do that, let us prepare you for everything you can expect from ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 5!

Younger Season 7 Episode 5 Release Date

‘Younger’ season 7 episode 5 is scheduled to premiere on April 22, 2021, at 3 am on Paramount+. The episodes of the comedy-drama series are around 20–31 minutes long.

Where to Stream Younger Season 7 Episode 5 Online?

You can watch ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 5 on Hulu and Paramount+, with regards to the timeslot mentioned above. Besides that, you can check if the new season is available on live-TV platforms such as SlingTVFuboTV, and Spectrum. You can also stream the first six seasons on VOD platforms like iTunesVuduGoogle Play Store, and Microsoft Store.

Younger Season 7 Episode 5 Spoilers

‘Younger’ season 7 episode 5 might explore Charles and Quinn’s dynamic. Even though Charles and Liza have called it quits, the previous episode implies that Liza still might have feelings for him. If not that, she is at least not ready to see him with someone else. But given that she has met Kai, it would be interesting to see how things evolve between them. The official synopsis for the episode reads as follows – “Liza decides to fact-check her manuscript after Quinn’s new romance goes public; Maggie gets an exciting new job offer and love interest; Sparks fly between Liza and someone from her past.”

Younger Season 7 Episode 4 Recap

In ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 4, called ‘Risky Business,’ we look at Kelsey’s indecisiveness about her trip to Montauk. She needs to know whether her deal with Kai Manning goes successful. As Kelsey and Liza think of what to do, Charles is more concerned about the funding for the campaign. Quinn wants to publish her book as soon as possible. Meanwhile, Liza is infatuated with Kai as she watches him surf but controls her urges and takes a step back even though he suggests that they should work together and have sex with each other. But her efforts only last for a little while as they end up getting intimate in the shower shortly after.

Kelsey makes an effort to be friendly with Quinn telling her that she should’ve taken the job with her even though it would have been risky. But Quinn is not interested. On the other hand, Liza is excited to use Kai’s journals for the memoir but is heavily disappointed when they see the content. Liza, Kelsey, and Maggie then decide to turn the book into a sex-themed one. The idea works, and Charles decides to talk to HQ about it. Josh’s new girl Katie does not want kids, and Josh takes offense at that. Quinn wants to know if Liza is okay with her dating Charles. Liza hints at the possibility that she might be a rebound.

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