Younger Season 7 Episode 8: What to Expect?

In ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 7 that aired this week, Charles hears about the demise of an influential author with whom he has a shared past. He doesn’t take it well as Liza and Kelsey try to make him feel better. Maggie entangles herself in a controversy related to an old art show, and her students are consequently mad at her. To read a descriptive account of the happenings of the latest episode, you can go through the recap. If you want to know what the next episode might have in store, here’s everything we know about ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 8!

Younger Season 7 Episode 8 Release Date

‘Younger’ season 7 episode 8 is slated to release on May 13, 2021, at 3 am ET on Paramount+. The episodes of the comedy-drama series have a runtime of around 20–31 minutes each.

Where to Stream Younger Season 7 Episode 8 Online?

You can catch the next episode of ‘Younger’ (season 7 episode 8) on Hulu and Paramount+ as it drops at the aforementioned timeslot. You can live-stream the latest episodes or check for the availability of the older seasons on live-TV platforms such as SlingTVFuboTV, and Spectrum. In addition, fans of ‘Younger’ can access the episodes on VOD platforms like iTunesVuduGoogle Play Store, and Microsoft Store.

Younger Season 7 Episode 8 Spoilers

‘Younger’ season 7 episode 8 is titled ‘The Baroness.’ With regards to the latest episode, Paramount + has not released an official update yet. However, we can assure you that this section would be filled as soon as we get an update. Needless to say, it will focus upon the characters as they all have a lot going on in their lives right now. Maggie is steadily gaining her foothold as an art teacher, Charles is working on his next book, and Kelsey has been slowly treading the pathway to independence.

Younger Season 7 Episode 7 Recap

In ‘Younger’ season 7 episode 7, called ‘The Son Also Rises,’ Charles hears about the death of a former Empirical author and attends his funeral with Liza and Kelsey by his side. The aftermath is intense for Charles because he had an affair with the late author’s wife back in his early 20s. He reconnects with the woman, Judith, who introduces him to her son Topher. The young boy wants the publishing house Empirical to reissue whatever his father has penned. Charles fearfully entertains the possibility that Topher is his son.

But Judith reassures him that Topher is Ian’s son. Liza tries to motivate Charles to take his mind off the incident and finish his novel. Maggie’s students are offended when the controversial name of an old art show is put under scrutiny. At first, Cass arrives to help her but changes her mind after learning about Maggie’s affair with Camila. Kelsey is searching for an apartment on her own but is roped into participating in a reality show where they would help her find one. On the other hand, Diana is living her best life in Italy.

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