Your Honor Finale: What to Expect?

Bryan Cranston plays a father who is willing to go to any lengths to protect his kid, Adam, after he accidentally kills someone in a hit and run in ‘Your Honor.’ With the season finale around the corner, one can’t help but wonder about all the plot points that the show needs to tie up in just one episode. Will we get the answers we are looking for, or will the viewers be left without a sense of complete closure, just like some of the characters? Well, we’re here to answer these questions, so hang on tight.

Your Honor Episode 10 Release Date

‘Your Honor’ finale will release on February 14, 2021, at 10 pm ET on Showtime. The good news is that you can finally binge-watch the show if you’ve yet to catch up with the story!

Where to Stream Your Honor Episode 10 Online?

You can catch ‘Your Honor’ episode 10 on Showtime by simply tuning in on the aforementioned time and date. You also have the option to view it on Showtime’s official website and app. You will need a subscription for this, but there is the prospect of a 30-day free trial in case you’re unsure about signing up for the platform. Moreover, the show is available on Hulu, DirecTV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV. Lastly, you can purchase the episodes off of Amazon as well.

Your Honor Episode 10 Spoilers

In the previous episodes, it has been well established that Michael loves his son and wants to protect him. However, no matter what the judge does, he is not able to escape this entire ordeal. Moreover, there are multiple plot points in the show that need to be addressed. For this reason, it seems likely that the season finale will focus heavily on Michael’s wife’s affair and how it all ties into the larger conspiracy at hand.

After all, Nancy has found photographic evidence, and it could be possible that Charlie was involved with the now-deceased lady. Maybe that’s why he helps the judge out in the initial few episodes of the season, and maybe that’s why Charlie’s feeling extra protective of Adam in episode 9. Although this seems rather unlikely, what if Michael is the one who got his wife murdered? Hopefully, the finale will give us a more concrete answer.

Speaking of Adam, it is evident that his relationship is going to be the last thing he’ll have to worry about if Frannie reveals his secret to others. Although she loves him even though she is his teacher and their affair is a dangerous one, it could be possible that she could use this information as a bargaining chip to ensure that she faces no repercussions for this illicit relationship. Even though it seems like Frannie wants what is best for Adam, there is no denying that she could also leverage this information if she faces some jail time.

At this point in the series, Fia is blissfully unaware of Adam’s past. Neither she nor her father knows who was really behind the wheel. Jimmy thinks it is Michael and not Adam who killed his son. However, given that Jimmy has called Adam over, it is possible that the teenager could be coerced into revealing the truth. Furthermore, Nancy and Lee are also hot on the trail and know that everything is not as it seems.

No matter how you look at it, it seems as though things will not end well for Michael and Adam. In the event that the Desiato men can finally escape this ordeal, they will forevermore have changed. Plus, with these many skeletons in one’s closet, emotions are bound to consume you. So, it seems as though their relationship is in peril. If the Desiato men do actually get caught, then all of Michael’s efforts would have been for naught.

Your Honor Episode 9 Recap

Joey goes to Fiona and Nancy and spills his guts out about the drug deals they were conducting behind Jimmy’s back. He also states that Carlo bragged about killing Kofi and that Gina orchestrated the whole thing in the first place. As Adam and Fia discuss photography, Frannie spots them and goes over. She makes her feelings towards Adam known without clearly stating things in front of Fia. Nancy goes to Michael with photos that show that his wife was having an affair, and he states that he knew about it but doesn’t want to ruin Robin’s image in front of Adam.

Nancy then goes to Elizabeth with the photos and asks her to break the news to her grandson. Jimmy is, naturally, mad about the fact that Joey wants to testify since it will have serious implications for Carlo. However, the judge tells him to tell Zander to request a day-long recess, which Michael will grant. The Baxters can then “take care” of Joey. Later, Nancy tells the mobster to stay away from the Desiato men, but Jimmy realizes who Adam really is— the son of the man Jimmy thinks killed Rocco.

However, when Joey comes to testify, Michael denies Zander’s request and lets Joey speak. But, the judge had actually drugged Joey’s water, and so the friend/traitor is rendered incapacitated. Michael then tells the jury to strike his words from their minds. Adam and Frannie meet, and she tells him that he is fascinated with Fia because he killed her brother. However, the teenager feels like Frannie is just jealous.

Denying this, Frannie tells Adam to end things with Fia and take some responsibility for his actions. In the meantime, Fia admits to her parents that she is in love with Adam, who, in turn, confides in Charlie about his relationship troubles. On the other side of town, Lee realizes that Kofi was giving his GED exam when Rocco was killed.

Eugene mentions someone named Rudy (whom Little Mo refuses to speak more about). Charlie approaches Frannie at a bar and politely but firmly tells her to stay away from Adam. But she brings up how Rocco’s death has affected Adam, seemingly revealing the truth to Charlie. In the end, Jimmy tells Fia to call Adam over immediately so that he can talk to the teenager.

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