Zach Braff Net Worth

What is Zach Braff’s net worth? $22 Million

How did Zach Braff earn his money and wealth?

Born on April 6th1975, Zachary Israel Braff is an American Actor, director. He is well known for his seamless contribution in terms of versatility to the Hollywood industry. Born to Harold Irwin Braff and Anne Brodzinsky in South Orange, New Jersey, Zack Braff has a sibling named Joshua who is an author. Zack was brought up in a strict religious home and dreamt of filmmaking since an early age. Although Zach was diagnosed with Obsessive-compulsive disorder at a very young, he did not let it stop him. He attended Stagedoor Manor, New York as a minor and did outstanding work there. He won his first acting award at Stagedoor Manor.

Zack Braff’s debut role as a newbie was in a CBS television series titled ‘High’. It aired in the year 1989 and got Zack some immediate attention. He got a lot of offers to post his role in ‘High’. Braff made an appearance in an episode of the famous series titled ‘The Babysitters Club’. He also did a cameo in Woody Allen’s movie titled ‘Manhattan Murder Mystery’. Zack also bagged a role in George C Wolfe’s production which was named ‘Macbeth’. Zack’s big breakthrough came when he got the role of John Dorian aka JD in a medical TV series named ‘scrubs’. Scrubs aired in the year 2001 and Zack Braff’s acting and portrayal of JD made quite a stir.

The role of JD is considered as Zack’s first major role in the television world, and he sure left an impactful mark on his audience. He was nominated for several awards for his excellent portrayal of JD. Braff had a dream of filmmaking since a really young age, and thus he pursued his passion for directing while filming for Scrubs. Zack directed many episodes of Scrubs including some really famous ones. It was also reported that Zack was one of the Executive producers of the hit television series ‘Scrubs’.

While exploring himself as an actor, Zack found his love for scriptwriting and wanted to get ahead with it. He wrote, directed, produced as well as acted in a romantic-comedy drama film venture titled ‘Garden State’. Released in the year 2004, this movie made a good remark amongst the audience as well as the critics. He also made a movie in 2005 titled ‘Mixtape’ which was very well received as well and went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture.  Braff was involved in the soundtrack of Garden State. Tony Goldwyn, the chief of the movie drew parallels with Tim Allen while speaking about Braff describing him as “staggeringly open to a group of people… a genuine person, an everyman.”

Zack also shook hands with his brother, Adam Braff to co-write the script of ‘Wish I was here’ which was then released in the year 2014. He also directed as well as acted in the film. Zack also took a keen interest in the making of the narrative Video games. Zack has been nominated and awarded a number of awards throughout his career for his versatile screen presence and talents. He was nominated four times for the Golden Globe awards for his portrayal of JD in ‘Scrubs’. For the same series, he also nominated for an Emmy award.

What are the highest grossing movies of Zach Braff?

  1. Oz The Great and Powerful (2013): $490,359,051
  2. Chicken Little (2005): $310,043,823
  3. The Disaster Artist (2017): $26,706,810
  4. Garden State (2004): $36,028,802
  5. The Last Kiss (2006): $11,614,790
  6. Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993): $11,330,911
  7. Wish I Was Here (2014): $6,591,365
  8. The Ex (2007): $3,093,394
  9. The Broken Hearts Club: $1,746,58

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