365 Days Love-Making Scenes, Ranked

‘365 Days’ has earned the title of the “Polish 50 Shades of Grey,” and that itself makes it pretty obvious that the film gets down and dirty, especially with its nudity and sex scenes. The sex scenes in ‘365 Days’ are extremely controversial, to say the least. Adding to that, there are moments in the movie where you can’t tell whether you’re drawn to the palpable chemistry of the characters or simply lured to their self-flagellating behavior. Either way, if you’re looking for a list of all 365 Days sex scenes ranked in order of their eroticism.

5. Massimo’s Desperation

Laura relentlessly teases him but never lets him get too close to her and that’s when Massimo decides to do the same with her. In a desperate attempt to show her what she’s “missing out on”, Massimo ties Laura up to a bed and has sex with another woman in front of her. To an extent, all of this works in Massimo’s favor but it just forces Laura to take things a little further. Right after this scene, to further upswing her teasing game and bring it in par with Massimo, Laura shows up wearing a very small dress at one of his gatherings.

4. The Last Time

To make sure that she’s safe, Massimo asks Laura to go back home and promises her that he’ll come back to be with her again. But many weeks go by and Massimo barely even keeps in touch with her. After a whole night of partying with her friend, when Laura comes back home, she finds Massimo sitting in an armchair. At first, she storms at him for leaving her. But she then gets carried away and has sex with him, probably for the last time.

This sex scene lasts only for a few seconds and barely involves any nudity. However, it does hold a lot of significance in the overarching plot of the movie. During this scene, Laura notices a deep wound on Massimo’s chest and realizes that he has been up to no good. At that moment, she ignores and even tells him that she wants to get married to him. But little does she realize that Massimo’s actions will later land her in some deep trouble.

3. The Flight Scene

About 10 minutes in and the movie shocks you with a never-seen-before sex scene. Massimo can be seen resting in his aircraft, while Laura heads back home to her husband. When Laura tries to seduce her husband, he blatantly rejects her, and Laura just goes over to her room with a gloomy look on her face. In the meantime, Massimo goes to the tail of his aircraft to have sex with his air hostess. Parallelly, Laura can be seen using a sex toy in her room.

In some ways, this scene creates a contrast between the lives of the two and also shows how they are similar to one another. Both of them vent out their sexual frustrations in this scene and crave a sense of belonging with someone. Unfortunately, for now, since they haven’t met each other, they’re stuck in their lives that only offer them bland pleasures and nothing more.

2. The First Time

At the gathering, Laura takes things a bit too far and gets involved with other mafias. But Massimo manages to save her and gets her out of there. The next day, Laura wakes up in Massimo’s yacht and the two of them get into a hefty argument concerning the precious night. In the midst of the argument, they get too carried away and Laura falls in the ocean. Massimo dives right in to save her again, and with this, he even wins her heart.

Right after this, Laura and Massimo make love for the first, and this time around, Laura does not hold herself back. This one, although not as wild as the shower scene, is still quite graphic and involves full-frontal nudity. This is followed by a series of some very provocative sex scenes wherein Massimo and Laura can be seen having sex in different parts of the yacht. What makes these quite bawdy is the fact that you can’t help but wonder where the rest of the crew of the yacht suddenly disappeared.

1. The Shower Scene

Next in line is the film’s iconic shower scene which easily goes above and beyond what you expect from even the most extreme erotic thrillers. Although there isn’t any real sex in this scene, there’s a whole lot of full-frontal nudity. It begins when Laura wakes up one morning and finds Massimo sleeping right next to her. She tries to touch him, then realizes what she’s doing, and holds herself back. She then strips down completely and heads over to the open shower in the room. While she takes a shower, Massimo opens up his eyes and decides to join her. But even during this moment, he keeps his promise of not touching her. Laura’s curiosity gets the best of her and as much as she tries to resist, she can’t help but glare at him. But when Massimo comes close to her and tries to seduce her, she simply teases him for a bit, then leaves. For obvious reasons, this really pisses off Massimo, but he holds himself back.

This scene shows the complicated relationship between the two of them. Laura is drawn to Massino but she still struggles to accept him for who he is. So she seems apprehensive about giving him a chance. Meanwhile, Massimo is a badass mafia who gets everything he wants and no one questions him. But when Laura keeps rejecting him all the time, he somehow swallows his ego and tries not to hurt her.

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