A Galaxy Next Door Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Otonari ni Ginga’ or ‘A Galaxy Next Door’ episode 12, titled ‘Fireworks with the Princess,’ the show follows Shiori and Ichirou as they navigate their challenges together. The couple decides to go on a date on day, so that they can spend some quality time with each other. In order to impress Ichirou, Shiori takes Chibi to buy her a dress. That’s when Chibi confesses something unexpected.

Shiori and Ichirou Go on a Date

In the morning, Machi and Fumio head to the school after giving Shiori a hug. She appears to be excited and that’s when Ichirou arrives in the living room as well and greets her. It turns out that he has been working at the moment because he has some rough draft to finish as soon as possible. But Ichirou then asked Shiori if she would like to go out the following day. This lights up Shiori’s eyes, who fancies the opportunity to go on a date with him.

That day, Shiori goes shopping with Chibi at a nearby shop. Chibi is excited to help her pick the perfect dress. During their conversations, she starts talking fondly about Ichirou to the point that Shiori suspects that she has feelings for him. When Chibi realizes that Shiori has noticed that, she finally admits that it’s true. However, she also points out that he would never have feelings for him so it’s alright and she is glad that Shiori is now dating him. The following day, Shiori and Ichirou go out on a nice date and spend some quality time together at the ice skating rink.

Why Did Machi Turn Down Invitations From Her Friends?

While walking back home, Shiori sees Machi and Fumio in the park with their friends. Since the weather changes suddenly, Yuina-chan tells her friends that they can go to their house to play. While other friends are eager to go, Machi surprisingly turns down the invitation. Then Yuina is quick to point out that she did not go to for skii either. When asked whether she asked her parents’ permission for the amusement park, Machi remains quite.

Yuina realizes that she probably does not wish to talk about it, so she changes the topic. Unbeknowst to Machi, Shiori has seen and heard everything from a distance. When they later meet at the house, Machi tells her not to tell anything to Ichirou. Although Shiori does not wish to do something at first, she eventually goes to have a conversation with her, just to make sure that she is doing okay. Machi acts as if everything is fine, but when Fumio tells her that she can go and play with others at their house and he will stay with Shiori in the meantime, she cannot hold back her tears anymore.

As Fumio cries profusely, Ichirou come to see if everything is okay. He learns that Machi has been turning down invitations from her friends to play at their homes or to go to the amusement park. It turns out that she really did not want to bother Ichirou, so she decided that she would quitely decline all invitations. There is also a possibility that she did not also want to ask for money for the amusement park just so Ichirou has one less thing to worry about. Machi is extremely grateful of the fact that Ichirou does everything for her, so she wants to return the favor, but naturally she feels helpless.

Ichirou ensures that Machi does not feel sorry anymore and Shiori comes up with a plan to organize a summer festival just to cheer the kids. She invites a few of their acquaintance and everyone ends up having a great time. When Ichirou and Shiori has a chance to have a private conversation a the party, the latter tells the former that she plans to become capable of supporting herself so that she can eventually propose him.

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