Aaron Paul Victory: What Did He Do? What Happened to Him?

In ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ John Walsh and his son Callahan Walsh take us on a journey covering some of the most gripping cases in the nation. One of the episodes delves deep into the case of Aaron Paul Victory, a felon who successfully escaped from jail just a few days before his preliminary hearing. With the help of interviews with law enforcement and family members of the convict, the episode offers a detailed account of Aaron’s escape and the events that followed.

Aaron Paul Victory Escaped From Prison Just Days Before His Hearing

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Aaron Paul Victory grew up in the company of his siblings — brother Bobby Victory and sister Delinda Webb. Later in life, he became a father and named his son Aaron Paul Victory Jr. Resorting to a life of crime, Aaron allegedly committed a first-degree burglary in Oklahoma’s Choctaw County on December 27, 2016. During the crime, he even reportedly pointed a firearm at the police officers on site before fleeing from the crime scene on foot. However, he could stay on the run for only a couple of days as on December 29, 2016, he was apprehended by the authorities in Pushmataha County, Oklahoma, with a firearm in his possession.

Soon, Aaron was charged with the possession of a firearm after getting a felony conviction. A few months later, in mid-February 2017, the police issued a federal arrest warrant for Aaron when he was charged with the possession of a firearm and ammunition as well as a stolen firearm. He was held behind bars in the Pushmataha County jail. On May 8, 2017, he ended up pleading guilty to the charges against him, which was followed by him getting remanded into the custody of the United States Marshals Service. Just a couple of days later, on May 10, 2017, he was charged with second-degree burglary and auto theft in Choctaw County District Court in Oklahoma’s Hugo.

In order to appear for a hearing before the Choctaw County District Court on July 25, 2017, he was transferred to the Choctaw County Jail just a day before the hearing. Several days passed after the hearing, and on August 7, 2017, at approximately 9:20 pm, he decided to escape from prison. Aaron did so by allegedly breaking a window in his jail, standing on a table, and making his way onto the roof of the cell. After getting on the roof, he quickly made a makeshift rope out of electrical chords and used it to climb down to the ground and escape the prison on foot, as per the officials. A couple of weeks into the escape, he was indicted for escape and an arrest warrant was issued against him. Both his brother as well as his sister claimed that they had not had any contact with Aaron and they were concerned about his well-being.

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Following his escape from prison, Aaron’s brother, son, and a friend, got on horseback and took the responsibility to locate the escapee before the police did, searching the places where Aaron used to visit and hang out frequently. However, during their search, they crossed paths with the authorities on Old Highway 98 in McCurtain County. As soon as they approached the police, the three men — Aaron Paul Victory Jr., Bobby Victory, and Todd Story, were ordered to get off their horses. From there, they were taken to the police station, where they were beaten brutally during interrogation, according to the alleged victims. Without getting arrested, they were released and admitted to the hospital with multiple injuries.

The Whereabouts of Aaron Paul Victory is Still a Mystery

After Aaron Paul Victory escaped from prison on the night of August 7, 2017, his family members believed that his life was in danger as soon as he entered the Choctaw County Jail and were afraid that something even worse might have happened to him. However, more than six years after his escape, the police officials are still searching for the escapee. Meanwhile, his family members have also been on the lookout for Aaron. Labeled as an avid outdoorsman who might have the ability to survive in rough and tough situations, he is considered armed and dangerous by the police.

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