Where Is Aaron Washer From My 600-lb Life Now?

What was just supposed to be a five-part miniseries involving four morbidly obese individuals is now a TLC hit series with eight seasons. ‘My 600-lb Life’ is famous for showing the heart-wrenching stories of individuals and their inspiring battle with their food addiction to live a long and healthy life. Documenting their year-long journey in Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s program (Dr. Now), the show depicts an individual’s routine, diet, and their progress to ultimately get a weight-loss assist surgery.

Aaron Washer My 600-lb Life

Aaron Washer was the subject of season 7, episode 12 of ‘My 600-lb Life.’ The synopsis of the episode is, “Since the death of his mother, Aaron has lived at home to care for his aging father. But due to his food addiction, Aaron has to heavily rely on his father for help instead. Now, Aaron must learn to care for himself to avoid eating himself to death.”

With a peak weight of over 700 lbs, Aaron’s food addiction had rendered him almost immobile. He couldn’t walk without the support of a cane, and his exercise was limited to walks to the kitchen and the bathroom. During his episode, Aaron admitted that his life was “pure torture because I’m in so much pain.”

When talking about his father, Eugene, he said, “I do feel bad that I have to make my 76-year-old father do it all for me. I worry that it’s going to be too much for my father at some point, but it still doesn’t stop me from having him [go shopping] because this is the only way to get the groceries I want.”

Tired of feeling like a burden and desperate for change, Aaron went to Dr. Now and sought medical help to begin his weight-loss journey.

Where is Aaron Washer Now?

With the constant support of his father, Aaron was able to stick to the diet and exercise plans given to him, which led him to lose a lot of weight on his own and get approval for the weight loss surgery. His total loss of 315 pounds – thanks to his will power and the successful operation – was one of the biggest of season 7. In a year, Aaron went from being 718 lbs to 403.

“I’m feeling really encouraged and confident right now about how well I’m doing.” Aaron had said towards the end of his episode. “I was a kid last time I was in the 300’s, so to be practically there is exciting. And I can’t wait to keep making more progress and to see all the things I’m going to be able to do once I hit my target weight.”

Unfortunately, soon after his debut on the series, Aaron suffered a personal loss. His father Eugene was admitted to the hospital with a terrible foot infection, and within two weeks, he had passed away. Aaron revealed the news on his official Facebook account, stating: “As of 2 am this morning, my dad has been called back to the lord.”

But it looks like things are going good of him now. In December of last year, he posted an update picture and mentioned that although it had been hard a hard year for him, he still kept up with his healthy routine and attitude. He even revealed that he has started dating again and is currently working full-time at an assisted living facility as a caregiver/medical technician.

We do hope that he remains happy and healthy and that we can see him again soon on a Where Are They Now? follow up episode of the show.

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