Aaron and Jess: Has the Love Island Australia Couple Separated?

9Go’s ‘Love Island’ is an Australian television reality series that follows several Islander couples living in isolation and under supervision as they survive through the season to win a coveted cash prize. In season 3, Jess Velkovski, a charming 23-year-old from New South Wales, decides to try her luck on the show; hoping to take back both an ideal man and the cash prize.

Meanwhile, a 24-year-old model from Perth, Aaron Waters, a hopeless romantic at heart, had signed up to let his looks and personality play in winning the hearts of all the pretty ladies on the show. The pair initially started with other partners before choosing each other in week two. They had a topsy-turvy journey on the show and stayed together till the end, even managing to earn the runner-up title. While it has been quite some time since the 2021 season wrapped up, fans have been wondering about whether Aaron and Jess’ relationship was able to stand the test of time.

Aaron and Jess Didn’t Have A Smooth Ride On The Show

Aaron and Jess had a good start, but soon, bumps in their relationship began to appear. Jess felt that their budding romance was lacking some spark, leading her to search for other options. While she did click with Taku for a while, their relationship soon started to fizzle out, leading Jess to return to Aaron with a fresh perspective to know him better. With Taku refusing to stand by in a potential love triangle, Aaron and Jess became inseparable. Trying to give their relationship another shot, the two decided to put their best foot forward. They went on romantic dates and had heartwarming chats, which started bringing them closer.

Aaron’s genuine attempt to go all out in trying to win Jess’ heart and show her that he was in it for real left her speechless and shocked. The pair chose to become ‘exclusive’ after spending some time apart from each other at Casa Week. To celebrate their newfound intimacy, the couple spent an intimate night with each other in the Hideaway. Despite seeming like a promising start, their relationship hit a roadblock over a supposed look Aaron had given on the show. The issue became so big and messy that it prompted Aaron to decide to leave the Villa. However, Jess managed to sort things out and convince him to stay back.

Just as the pair were beginning to mend their fragile relationship, two new female Islanders came in with their eyes on Aaron. While one among them managed to sneak him away during the Recoupling Ceremony, Aaron assured Jess of his loyalty to their relationship. On their last date, both Aaron and Jess once again reaffirmed their exclusivity to each other, leading to a personal happy ending for the couple.

Aaron And Jess Have Moved On In Their Lives, Separately

Despite managing to hold onto their relationship right till the end of the series finale, Aaron and Jess decided to call it quits after leaving the Villa. The couple shared the news on their social media. Aaron, in conversation with 9Entertainment, shedding light on what caused them to take the step said, “We still had issues seeing eye to eye on a situation in the Villa. I wanted to move past it and at least thought we could grow from it, but there was no real growth there, so I just felt like it was best to part ways.”

However, their split has been amicable, and the former couple doesn’t harbor any ill will against each other. After going their separate ways, both Aaron and Jess have chosen to move on in life. Jess has preferred keeping busy by working on herself and enjoying with her girlfriends from ‘Love Island,’ Michela and Tina. She also experimented with her hair a little, choosing to brunette from blonde. Jess is also a cat mom and loves sharing snippets of her beloved cat, Sausage. However, Jess has preferred to keep her relationship status under wraps and away from the public eye.

Meanwhile, Aaron, too, has experimented with his look a little, choosing to go brunette from his former blonde hair color. In July 2022, he made a big change in life, relocating from Perth to Melbourne. He was also a part of Season 9 of ‘Love Island’ UK. However, when it comes to his personal life, Aaron, like Jess, has preferred to remain tight-lipped.

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