Abi Ruiz: My 600-lb Life Participant is Now on the Path of Progress

TLC’s ‘My 600-Lb Life’ is a show known for sharing some highly heart-touching stories of real-life people. Despite the cards that life has dealt them, many of the experiment’s participants remain determined to improve their lives for the better. This can especially be witnessed in season 12, episode 4 of the show, titled ‘Abi’s Journey,’ which follows Abi Ruiz as he tries to overcome his health issues and start a new chapter in his life. The story is undoubtedly a moving one and has garnered Abi the support and interest of many viewers.

Abi Ruiz Embarked on a Journey to a Healthy Life on the Show

Featured in the TLC series, 37-year-old Abi Ruiz shared his past with the world. In 2014, he had become injured in a car accident when another driver had not stopped at a stop sign. On that particular day, Abi had been driving to his girlfriend Brenda Ruiz’s home to propose to her and start a new chapter of their lives. While the accident did not lead to any severe external injuries, Abi did get a whiplash that led to the displacement of his neck. It was revealed that Abi had sustained a swelling on his spine and was not able to feel his legs.

Since the accident, Brenda remained by Abi’s side to take care of him. When the swelling on his spine went down, he was able to move his legs slightly again. This was soon followed by the long-pending proposal from Abi to Brenda, which the latter was happy to accept. Due to Hurricane Maria, Abi and Brenda had to move to Austin, Texas. Due to his injuries, Abi had been on permanent bed rest for years for several years when he was featured in the show. His leg muscles had atrophied due to lack of movement, and his weight gain was also something that Abi wanted to bring under control. Additionally, he had developed severe bed sores on his back, which had to be taken care of by Brenda and Abi’s sister, Miriam.

Determined to turn his life around despite the limitations that he was faced with, Abi contacted Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, AKA Dr. Now, who recommended a diet plan and suggested that Abi start physical therapy. Though he was trying his level best to follow the recommended regimen, Abi did start to feel a little underwhelmed due to a lack of defined goals. His confinement to bed meant that he had no idea of what weight he was currently at and, hence, also did not have a target weight to achieve.

Five months into his on-screen journey, Abi was transferred to a medical facility as per the arrangements made by Dr. Now. His weight was measured to be 728 pounds, and a strict diet, hygiene, and therapy regimen were started. Within a month, Abi had dropped down to 605 pounds, though he sorely missed Brenda, who was not able to remain with him at the facility due to her job. His physical therapy also did not seem to be going as well as Dr. Now had hoped. However, everyone remained happy about the weight loss trajectory.

In month 7, Abi weighed 527 pounds, showcasing an impressive improvement. This made Dr. Now sure that he was ready for the weight loss surgery, which resulted in Abi’s stomach being reduced by 80%. An orthopedic surgeon named Dr. David Lin then came to check on Abi and revealed that his femur and lower leg bones had fused and would need to be operated on. However, for that particular procedure, Abi had to bring his weight to under 350 pounds.

About a month after his weight-loss procedure, Abi weighed about 477 pounds and was sent back home with a set goal of hopefully losing about 60 pounds in two months. Month 11 showed that Abi had dropped down to 421 pounds. By the end of his twelve-month journey, Abi weighed 403 pounds, having lost at least 325 pounds over the whole time.

Where is Abi Ruiz Now?

It seems like Abi Ruiz has continued on his path of healing. The participant in the TLC show completed seven years of his marriage to his beautiful wife, Brenda Ruiz, on August 13, 2023. The couple seems to still be very much in love, with Brenda often posting pictures of them together on social media. The couple also has two dogs named Teddy and Rocky, whom they seem to adore. Additionally, they still live in Austin, Texas, and seem intent on forging a path for a brighter future ahead.

On March 15, 2023, Brenda did share pictures of Abi and their dogs, with the caption, “The boys are so happy that Daddy’s home.” This seemed to indicate that Abi must have visited the doctors quite recently. While it has not been clarified whether the visit was a follow-up or for some crucial procedure, the pictures did point out that Abi had made impressive strides when it came to his weight-loss journey. His health remains a significant concern for his family, but Abi and Brenda remain determined to find joy in their life despite the challenges they have faced.

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