10 Actors Who Should Be Cast in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

I had a great time with my previous list; Actors Who Should Be Cast in the DC Universe. As per usual, the logical next step would be doing the same for Marvel, which begs the question; WHICH “Marvel?” So far we have had 2 Spider-Man universes, 2 Fantastic Four universes, Daredevil, Blade, and a few different Punisher films. Aside from the previously mentioned films, Marvel has seen its greatest success with 2 long standing franchises. The X-Men film series is 17 years old. In and of itself, the X-Men “Universe” is actually several different timelines. Continuity issues and plot holes have fueled massive online debate as to which universes each of these films take. Since 2008, Marvel now has their greatest achievement; the “Marvel Cinematic Universe.” The highest grossing film franchise of all time has a ton of characters established with no signs of stopping. Trying to think of new casting choices proved tricky for me. The list contains characters that largely revolve around Spider-Man (due to our new, Tom Holland version) as he has supporting characters yet to be cast or recast.

10. Rj Cyler – Miles Morales/Spider-Man

Miles Morales is another teen to don the moniker of “Spider-Man.” RJ Cyler portrayed Billy Cranston/Blue Ranger in this years POWER RANGERS film and was easily the best part of the movie. He stole the show in every scene that included him. Should Marvel decide to introduce the 2nd Spider-Man sometime down the line, Cyler is the inspired choice.

9. Juno Temple – Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Juno Temple has shown serious skill in films like Killer Joe and The Dark Knight Rises (where she played second fiddle to Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.) Black Cat is essentially the Marvel version of Catwoman and Temple would be a fine choice for the role. It would be interesting to see how she would flesh out the character of Felicia Hardy; and how the inevitable comparisons to her DC counterpart would play out.

8. Anna Kendrick – Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl

I have a confession to make. I don’t read comics. This will anger many readers, I’m sure. I don’t know much about Squirrel Girl but I already know Anna Kendrick is perfect for the role. Just say Squirrel Girl out loud and look at her. Done.

7. Scoot McNairy – Cletus Kasady/Carnage

As a serial killer who gains powers when combined with the alien symbiote, (itself, the offspring of the Venom symbiotie) Carnage is a logical next step in the tale of Venom (who will get his own movie starring Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock.) An insane villain with an intense arsenal of powers, Carnage’s human half is a deranged psychopath that this actor could really dig into. Think of Sam Rockwell’s Wild Bill from The Green Mile but more intense. Rockwell himself would have been a great choice for this but he already exists in the MCU as Justin Hammer. ScNairy would crush it.

6. Kevin Spacey – Quintin Beck/Mysterio

A former special-effects expert and stunt man who turns to a life of crime, Spacey would be an inspired choice for Beck. The character needs to be theatrical. Spacey just killed it as host of the Tony Awards and let’s face it, the man can do no wrong. Spacey is a master of impersonation and combined with the special effects tech that acts his Mysterio’s “power,” Spacey could have a lot of fun with it. He was the best part of Superman Returns (2006) but for better or worse, Jessie Eisenberg is our Lex Luthor now.

5. Christian Bale – Brian Braddock/Captain Britain

Bale was a great Dark Knight but that saga is over. Captain Britain is exactly what he sounds like, the U.K. version of Captain America, clad in Union Jack attire. His characterization is not a copy of Steve Rogers but he has humble beginnings. He is transformed into Captain Britain via a mystical amulet. Bale would be able to flesh out an entirely new hero persona that would allow him to use his natural, cockney accent. This would be cool and it would be the 2nd Batman that Marvel could swipe from DC; after Michael Keaton.

4. Michael Fassbender – Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock is an advanced AI who was created to be the perfect being. His appearance in the future has basically been confirmed as he was teased at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2. His personality is/could be similar to that of Vision but the main reason I chose Fassbender is because (as anyone who has watched Prometheus/Alien: Covenant will know) he has already mastered this type of character. His role as “David” in the previously mentioned Ridley Scott films was marvellous and he would obviously crush this one. I know he is still Magneto in the X-Men films but now that Josh Brolin is Thanos AND Cable, the rules have changed. Make it happen, Marvel.

3. Andy Serkis – Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill is a character with a horse-like face. Other than that, he is basically Thor. Same Costume. Same Powers. Similar hammer. Don’t ask me why. You can google it if you don’t already read comics. He’s a pretty bad-ass character who could potentially show up in the future. A skeleton that was seen during the opening dance scene/credits of Guardians of the Galaxy resembled his species so they obviously exist in the films. Andy Serkis in motion capture technology could easily make this something awesome. I know he already plays Klaue in the MCU but as this would be MoCap, it’s all good to play multiple roles.

2. Hugh Laurie – J. Jonah Jameson

This role was already played to perfection by J.K Simmons but we have a new Spider-Man now and Simmons is over at DC as the new Commissioner Gordon. Hugh Laurie would be a great 2nd choice for this role. Anyone who has seen him in HOUSE M.D. will know that he has the wit and sarcasm down to a tee. Not to mention he can crush an American accent despite being British AF (like Cambridge Educated British). Make it happen, Marvel.

1. Tom Hanks – Uncle Ben Parker

The biggest mistake the Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield films made was not having Peter learn that with great power comes great responsibility. Cliff Robertson and Martin Sheen both played the part well but as the character has gotten younger with each new version, some new blood would be called for. Tom Holland’s Spider-Man has wisely omitted the origin story and Uncle Ben is (presumably) already dead. They don’t need to cast him at all but if they were to do a flashback, how amazing would it be to have Hanks play the role? Picture it. Marissa Tomei, Tom Hanks and Tom Holland are out of the house walking somewhere. Tomei pops into a store or leaves to use the restroom. Then we see Hanks and Holland sit down on a park bench to have a “chat.” Somewhere in there, Hanks slips his nephew the famous line. I can dream.