Adriano and Alex: Is the 90 Day Fiance Pair Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise’ follows couples navigating love and relationships across continents and countries. It captures glimpses of their lives, exploring the challenges they face and whether their love can triumph over all obstacles. In the fourth season, Alex Roshon and Adriano Cardinale demonstrated that their love could thrive despite the distance. During their limited time together, they made it exciting for fans to see their actual dynamics and the challenges they encountered. One standout aspect of the couple was their genuine effort to understand each other and find a middle ground, making the relationship fulfilling for both.

Adriano and Alex Met Through a Dating App

Adriano Cardinale spent much of his life in Naples, where he attended the University of Naples’ Parthenope.’ After university, he focused on his passion, which he had pursued since his teenage years. He collaborated with a young volleyball association, and in December 2013, he began working as their Personal Coaching Specialist. Adriano remained in Naples until September 2017, when he moved to Australia and joined Pro Train Fitness in the same role. Enjoying more creative control in his work, he stayed there, working for various fitness clubs until 2019.

Seeking a better career, he moved to Canada and worked at Steve Nash Fitness World and Sports Club as a Personal Coaching Specialist for a few months. While Adriano was back in Naples in July 2023, he was active on some dating apps, searching for a special partner to build a life with. During this time, Alex Roshon from Dallas, Texas, was also in Naples on vacation and had downloaded a dating app to meet people while enjoying her trip. They matched on the app, and what began as a holiday romance soon blossomed into a genuine relationship.

Despite initially assuming their connection would fade, they found true partners in each other and decided to try long-distance. Although they only spent about ten days together in person, their regular calls and efforts to maintain the relationship helped take it to the next level. They introduced each other to their families and seriously envisioned a future together. Eager to deepen their understanding of one another, they sought to determine if the foundation they had laid could grow into something lasting.

Adriano and Alex Are Trying to Solve Their Problems

When Alex met Adriano’s family, the topic of religion came up. Alex shared that she was now close to God and viewed faith as essential to her life. However, Adriano had made it clear that he was an atheist and would not change his lifestyle or opinions. Alex hoped that his parents, who were also quite religious, would support her in changing his mind. However, his parents believed she should allow him to live as he wished and not impose her values on him.

Adriano and Alex appear to be together still, as they follow each other on social media and occasionally interact. Although they have been posting together less than their fans would like, their busy lives and geographical distance might be contributing factors. Adriano’s career in fitness and Alex’s commitments in Texas demand significant time and effort, making their relationship more challenging. Despite these difficulties, both are committed to making things work and finding a middle ground.

Alex and Adriano Share an Enthusiasm For Travel

Alex and Adriano share a passion for travel, taking every opportunity to explore new countries. Although they have yet to vacation together, Adriano’s suggestions and stories about Australia seem to have influenced Alex. She vacationed there in March 2024 and visited Thailand in the same month, experiencing two vastly different cultures. Alex leads a busy life in Dallas, Texas, where she works as a therapist and DJ at night, keeping her passion for music alive. In addition, she has recently pursued modeling, participating in numerous photoshoots with Roi Allen Henson.

Adriano’s travel list has steadily grown over the years. From exploring the nooks and corners of Italy to venturing into Morocco and Greece, he has experienced a diverse array of cultures and landscapes. Frequently revisiting Australia, he even welcomed the New Year 2024 from there, reinforcing his deep connection to the country. Adriano’s passion for travel extends beyond mere exploration; he has a keen eye for photography and videography, capturing the essence of the places he visits.

Adriano is developing his digital platform centered around travel, where he shares his experiences and insights with a broader audience. His YouTube channel, Loud Travellers, showcases the different places he visits, offering viewers a unique perspective through his eyes. His dedication to exploring the world and sharing his journey continues to fuel his passion for travel, ensuring that his list of destinations will keep expanding.

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