Alan Swanson: Ex-Suspect in Stuart Case Now Prefers a Private Life

HBO’s ‘Murder in Boston: Roots, Rampage, and Reckoning’ is an in-depth study of the events surrounding the 1989 murder of Carol Stuart and the fallout from the statement given by her husband, Charles “Chuck” Stuart. Given the environment of Boston, Massachusetts, at the time, the case soon brought to light the many issues that were prevalent in the city, especially when pertaining to race-related issues. Among the suspects that were linked to the murder of Carol, Alan Swanson’s story is certainly one that piqued the interest of many, leading the world to wonder about his current whereabouts.

Who is Alan Swanson?

Alan Swanson’s connection to the Carol Stuart murder case was established based on the statement that was given by her husband, Chuck Stuart. The latter had claimed that he and his wife had been robbed and shot by an African-American man who was about 5 foot 10 inches and was wearing a black-colored running suit. Given the vagueness of the description, the police started to keep an eye on several members of the Mission Hill area in Boston.

According to the now-retired police officer William “Bill” Dunn, he and his partner had been given a tip about possible squatters in 8 Cornelia Court in the neighborhood and their possible involvement in the murder case that almost everyone in the city knew about at that point. “We go in, and there’s a guy and a girl,” he recalled. “And the girl’s whispering to me, ‘He did a robbery in Cambridge, and there’s a gun in here.'”

When Bill investigated the place further, he found a black running suit soaking in the sink of the apartment. He also found several newspaper articles pertaining to the Carol Stuart case stored behind the toilet. Based on these findings, the police decided to take the man, who was none other than Alan Swanson, into custody. The arrest became highly publicized, given the fame and attention that the case had been gaining. However, not long after, things took a different turn for Swanson.

Where is Alan Swanson Now?

For three weeks, Alan Swanson was kept in custody as one of the prime suspects behind the murder of Carol Stuart. He had been charged with unarmed burglary. From what Swanson’s attorney, Leslie Harris, shared in the HBO series, his client had been terrified of being labeled as a suspect in the case. “Alan was scared to death,” Harris shared. “He could barely talk. He was the person they believed had done the killing of a white pregnant woman. He wouldn’t have stood a chance in jail if they put him in the general population because even the black inmates would have killed him. You don’t kill a pregnant woman.”

Leslie Harris

Harris further added how Swanson was kept separate and was unable to eat or sleep due to the hostility surrounding him. When the name of William “Willie” Bennett came into the limelight as the more likely candidate to have committed the crime that had Boston in its grips, Swanson was released from custody, with the claim that he was apparently too intoxicated at the time that the killing took place to have actually been responsible for the death of Carol.

As time went on and further details pertaining to the case came to light, many demanded that Swanson should be given an apology for his wrongful arrest and the time he had to spend in confinement. The case itself forced Boston to rethink its approach to many of the issues that were leading to increased hostilities in the city. From the lives of general citizens to the actions committed by those in power, the Carol Stuart case brought to light just how much tension the city was buckling under. While Alan Swanson does not seem to be very active on social media and seemingly prefers a life away from the limelight, he remains intrinsically linked to the story that has become an integral part of Boston’s modern history.

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