Do Alex and Jackie Break Up in My Life With the Walter Boys?

In Netflix’s ‘My Life With the Walter Boys,’ a teenage girl tackles a complicated romance with two brothers, both of whom are in love with her. Jackie comes to live with the Walter family after her own dies in a tragic accident. This fresh start comes with a clean slate, but things get muddled up pretty easily as Jackie gets caught up between Cole and Alex, who already have a lot of baggage to deal with. By the end of the season, Jackie becomes so confused that she decides to put some distance between herself and the Walters to figure out her situation. What does this mean for her and Alex? SPOILERS AHEAD

Will Jackie Leave Alex for Cole?

Things had never really been in Alex’s favor since the beginning of ‘My Life With the Walter Boys.’ He, like everyone else in town, was aware of “the Cole Effect,” and it had already ruined one of his relationships. He had a girlfriend named Paige, who made out with Cole at a party, though Cole didn’t have any idea that his brother was dating her. Since then, things have been difficult between the brothers. Alex found himself competing with “the Cole Effect,” failing to imitate the charm of his brother, who brought everything and everyone to him without any effort. However, he didn’t know that Cole, too, felt the pressure of being perfect and having a promising future like Alex.

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When Jackie came to Silver Falls, she had no idea of the things going on between Cole and Alex. Despite claiming not to be affected by “the Cole Effect,” she found herself falling for Cole. At the same time, Alex was kind and considerate to her, and she found comfort in him while grieving her own loss. Alex was less complicated, and he was clear about his feelings. Cole, on the other hand, was unpredictable. He would tease Jackie and get on her nerves, but he was also there for her.

In between this, Jackie starts dating Alex. They are in a proper relationship, but that doesn’t stop her feelings for Cole. In the final episode, after Will and Hayley’s wedding, Jackie and Cole kiss each other after she discovers that he fixed her sister’s teapot because he knew how important it was for her. But this only makes matters worse because this means she cheated on Alex. And it’s even worse because she knew about the whole Paige thing, and she still did the same thing to Alex, which his ex-girlfriend also did to him.

Having kissed Cole, it’s difficult to imagine that Jackie would go back to Alex. She leaves an apology note for him and doesn’t even say goodbye or explain why she’s suddenly leaving. Alex imagines that Cole must have done something, but we don’t see Cole telling him about the kiss. So, perhaps, when Jackie returns to Silver Falls, the kiss between her and Cole would still be a secret, and she could decide to give her relationship with Alex another chance. But it wouldn’t make sense if she still has feelings for Cole, which she undoubtedly does.

No matter how uncomplicated and likable Alex might be, he and Jackie never had the spark that she shared with Cole. They never had the intimacy that Jackie shared with his older brother, and she never shared things with Alex, which she told Cole in a moment of vulnerability. One of the reasons that she tried to keep a distance from Cole in Season 1 was because she saw him as a womanizer who wasn’t serious about himself or his future. How could he be serious about anything else?

But in the end, Cole realizes that he is throwing away his life, and he decides to make up for not taking school seriously. This, combined with the teapot he fixed, shows Jackie that Cole might be ready for something real between them, and that’s why it’s not difficult to assume that she would give Cole a chance in the second season. Moreover, it would be difficult for Alex to forgive her for cheating on him with Cole, so there’s little to no possibility that they would end up together. This could also open the door for Alex to explore a romance with Kiley, his best friend who is in love with him. No matter how things turn out for them in the second season, it’s clear that Jackie and Alex are not made for each other.

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