Truc Quan Ly Le Murder: Where Are Alex Castillo and Ahmia Feaster Now?

The murder of Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le is one of the various cases in season 2, episode 6 of Fox’s ‘America’s Most Wanted.’ Titled ‘Young Love Ends in Murder,’ the episode sheds light on how Le’s death could be traced to her former partner, Alejandro “Alex” Rosales Castillo, and his girlfriend, Ahmia Feaster. Involving cross-border evasion, monetary matters, and heartbreak, the case easily captured the attention of the world. This has left many to inquire about the current whereabouts of the two people believed to be behind the death of Le.

Truc Quan Ly Le Went to the Store But Never Came Back

Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le, Alex Castillo, and Ahmia Feaster were all co-workers for Showmars, a restaurant in Charlotte, North Carolina. For some time, Castillo and Le had been in a relationship, though it ended in April 2016. Le herself had immigrated from Vietnam and was a nursing student at Queen’s College.  She decided to stop working for the restaurant in April 2016 as well in order to focus on her studies, which also led to the end of her relationship with Castillo.

On August 9, 2016, Le seemingly went out to meet with Castillo for the same, though she told her family that she was just going to the local store in order to get something. Having left her home at 8:45 PM, when she did not return home, her family members grew concerned. Le’s family found this to be extremely out of the norm as she was always diligent about letting her family members know about her whereabouts. Hence, they reported her missing the very next day.

Alex Castillo and Ahmia Feaster Fled to Mexico After Truc Quan Ly Le’s Disappearance

Going through Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le’s iPad, the police realized that Alex Castillo had apparently borrowed a thousand dollars from her. He had allegedly told her to meet with him as he had the money to give her back. However, they also discovered that her card had been used to withdraw another thousand dollars from her account. Surveillance footage confirmed that Le had withdrawn the money herself. As police continued to search, they received two more missing reports, this time for Castillo and his new girlfriend, Ahmia Feaster, on August 11 and August 12, 2016, respectively.

Both Castillo and Feaster had been in no contact with their family for about two days, raising concerns. However, the two then reached out to their families on August 14, 2016, claiming that they were going somewhere but kept the details vague. Due to the fact that Castillo was the last person who possibly saw Le, the police believed that he and Feaster might be hiding something. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was approached by local authorities, who also used their resources to find a solution.

There was a suspicion that Castillo and Feaster may have traveled to Aguascalientes, Mexico, where the former’s father lived. Footage was obtained confirming that the two had indeed crossed the border to Mexico. Just the day after they left the country, the authorities finally found out what had happened to Le. Her body was discovered in the woods near Charlotte with a gunshot wound on the beach of her head. The motive behind it was believed to be robbery.

Alex Castillo Remains At Large While Ahmia Feaster Surrendered

On October 20, 2016, Ahmia Feaster ended up surrendering to the authorities in Aguascalientes. She claimed that she had been living with Alex Castillo’s family for about two months. However, at the start of October 2016, Castillo apparently left her behind with his family in a place where she was not even fluent in the local language. She revealed that she had dropped off Castillo, believing that he was simply going to rob Truc Quan “Sandy” Ly Le.

Feaster further shared that she and Castillo had already packed in order to flee to Mexico. However, she claimed that when she asked Castillo where he was after she had dropped him off, he had allegedly claimed that he was doing something with the “evidence.” Due to her actions, the police charged her with being an accessory after the fact to murder and for possessing a stolen vehicle. She was extradited back to the US on October 22, 2016, and was then formally arrested in Houston, Texas. Her bond was set at a total of $125,000, which was posted, leading to Feaster’s release on January 18, 2017.

As for Castillo, he was first charged with first-degree murder on November 2, 2016. A second charge was added against him on February 10, 2017, for trying to evade prosecution. However, he has not been seen by anyone since Feaster saw him last in Aguascalientes. The authorities believe that he has good connections in Mexico, which have helped him evade capture. Now about 25 years old, it is thought that he could be in Aguascalientes, Guanajuato, and Veracruz, all of which are in Mexico.

Additionally, Castillo’s connection to Phoenix, Arizona, has made the official believe the city to be another possible location for him. They have, of course, not ruled out Charlotte, given that it was his last known residence in the country. There is an official reward of $250,000 set to be given to anyone who can provide information to help in Castillo’s capture. The public has also been warned that Castillo may be armed and dangerous. Apart from Castillo and Feaster, Felipe Ulloa was also charged in regard to Le’s murder and was arrested in March 2017. The reasons behind his arrest remain confidential.

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