Crime Scene Berlin: Who Was Alexander M? Who Killed Him?

2012 was a year of horror in Berlin as the city saw a series of similar murders making headlines. While the investigators ensured to leave no stone unturned, they seemed to be one step behind the killer. The entire case is covered in Netflix’s ‘Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer,’ which provides viewers with all the intricate details. Apart from the perpetrator, the true crime docuseries also focuses on the lives of the victims, one of whom was Alexander M.

Alexander M. Was Found Dead in His Apartment by His Mother

Born in the late 1970s, Alexander M. was particularly close to his grandmother Regina Luck, while growing up. Being a joyful and helpful presence in the lives of others, Alexander was described as a good person by his acquaintances, from his family to his friends. He loved staying in the company of his friends and companions, making them laugh with his dry sense of humor. To celebrate his birthdays, he and his friends used to go to the Baltic Sea.

One day in April 2012, Alexander failed to show up for work without prior notice, which was unlikely of him. So, when his co-worker informed the same to his mother, she tried contacting him herself. But when even she couldn’t get in touch with the 34-year-old man, she decided to head over to his apartment and check if he was in his house or not. Much to her dismay, she found his son lying face down on the bed of his apartment on Holzmarktstrasse in Friedrichshain, unresponsive and lifeless.

When the police were called, they rushed to the crime scene and began looking for any kind of evidence. The authorities noticed that the apartment door was left unlocked and his personal belongings, like his backpack, cellphone, and wallet, were missing, both of which were highly suspicious as Alexander was not the kind of person to leave his door unlocked. While his family found these details suspicious, the investigators didn’t pay much attention to these claims as they firmly believed that Alexander died while experimenting with drugs.

However, a few weeks later, when the autopsy was conducted, it was found that he had died from an overdose of liquid ecstasy or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB). Used as a pain reliever and to treat narcolepsy, GHB has been quite popular as a recreational drug since the 1990s. While it provides a stimulating effect in controlled doses, a high dosage can have some consequential effects on one’s health, including respiratory failure.

Alexander M. Was Killed by an Online Friend

As the investigation of Alexander M.’s death made some developments, the detectives checked his phone to find out whom he had interacted with on the phone. It was a guy named Dirk P. Upon digging deeper, the police learned that just a few days prior to his untimely demise, he had connected with Dirk on an online dating website. They exchanged various texts and decided to meet up at Alexander’s house sometime in the last week of April 2012. Dirk visited him at the third-floor apartment, where the two intended to get to know each other by talking and drinking.

Finding the right opportunity, Dirk mixed a high dosage of liquid ecstasy to Alexander’s drink when the latter left the living room for a while. When the drug’s effect kicked in, Alexander began feeling disoriented and headed straight to bed, according to Dirk. Then, he stole his personal belongings, including his jacket, and fled the scene. When Alexander’s grandmother remembered that he told her about a new friend of his from Saarbrücken, which was in the news as a killer had purchased the tickets to that place. She informed the police and soon, Dirk was brought in for questioning.

The police interviewed Dirk seven times in total, and each time, he managed to come up with different stories, only revealing what the police had already proved. However, he confessed to the crimes and admitted to murdering Alexander M. and a couple of other men in Berlin, without telling them the exact reason why he committed the deeds. Naturally, he was arrested for the murder charges against him and received a life imprisonment sentence for triple murder. But he did not serve his sentence completely as just nine months after the verdict, he died by suicide while in prison.

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