Where Are Alisa Mathewson and Trevor Summers’ Kids Now?

In CBS’ ’48 Hours: Alisa Mathewson’s Night Terrors,’ the viewers get to know more about the heartwrenching hostage of Alisa Mathewson. Not only had her estranged husband, Trevor Summers, kept her as a captive and tortured, but he had also manipulated his children so that he was able to enact his plans. Given the obvious impact that situation must have had on his children, many in the public cannot help but fret about the Summers children and their current whereabouts

Arden Summers is Now a Veterinary Receptionist

Eldest of the five Summers children, Arden Summers remains guilt-ridden when it comes to the horror that her mother, Alisa Mathewson, had to go through. At the time that this all unfolded, Arden had been 14 and eager to see her parents reunite. Featured in the CBS show, she confessed how she continues to struggle over just how her father, Trevor Summers, had manipulated her. “He told me that he was going to talk to my mom,” she explained when talking about why she had left the window of her mother’s house open to let her father in. “I was really hoping that, you know, my family would be back together and healthy and fixed.”

“I’ve had so many issues with trusting people after what happened, and just the guilt that I lived with for so long before I finally told myself that this isn’t my fault,” Arden confessed. She even testified against Trevor during the trial held against him. Determined to move on from the harm her father caused her, Arden is now a student at Valencia College and will gain her Associate’s degree in General Studies in May 2024. Based in Casselberry, Florida, she is also working as a Veterinary Receptionist for Markham Woods Animal Hospital in Longwood, Florida.

Landen Summers Has Graduated From High School

Landen Summers had been only 12 years old when his father, Trevor Summers, decided to use his children to target his estranged wife, Alisa Mathewson. Now based in Wimauma, Florida, Landen is about 19 years old and remains in close contact with his mother, his stepfather, Jeff Mathewson, and his siblings. Though Landen did not appear in the CBS series, the impact that the case had on him is certainly understandable.

On March 11, 2017, when Trevor enacted his plans, Landen had been waiting in his father’s car outside of his mother’s home. He had been later joined by his sister, Arden Summers, who later fetched his younger siblings Bryn and Grady Summers. The Wharton High School now seems to be building a life for himself and does seem quite a passionate fisherman.

Bryn Summers Has Changed Her Last Name

As it turns out, Bryn Summers had only been seven years old when the dispute between her parents, Alisa Mathewson and Trevor Summers, took the brutal form that we know now. Having been escorted out of her mother’s house on that fateful night by her older sister, Arden Summers, Bryn had apparently been in the same room as Alisa when Trevor entered his estranged wife’s home.  It seems like Bryn has since changed her last name and goes by Bryn Mathewson, a nod to her stepfather, Jeff Mathewson, who married Alisa on February 2, 2018.

Grady Summers is Now a Part of a Loving Family

Despite the trauma that Grady Summers had to go through at the age of 5, it seems like he has since found much joy in the company of his loved ones. He often enjoys spending time with his mother, Alison Mathewson, and his siblings. Over the years, Grady has joined his family during their trips to beaches and theme parks. Now a teenager, he seems to have a close bond with his siblings as well as his mother and stepfather, Jeff Mathewson.

Cooper Summers is The Youngest of Five

While three of his older siblings had been in their mother’s home on March 11, 2017, Cooper was still at his father’s home at the tender age of 3. In fact, he had been left alone there while his father had driven his older brother, Landen Summers, to Alison Mathewson’s house. When the rest of his four siblings returned home after Arden Summers had to drive her father’s car at the young age of 14, he had only been waking up, not realizing what was going on. Now, Cooper is a happy part of his new family. Given his young age, it is likely that he does not have many memories of the unfortunate night, though we still wish to offer him and his siblings his best so that they can put this chapter of their lives fully behind them.

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