All Bridgerton Love Making Scenes, Ranked

‘Bridgerton’, Netflix’s period romance that’s set in 1800s England, is a deliciously scandalous and sensual affair. A steamy, passionate love story between a high-born lady and a duke who has sworn off love, marriage, and children because of his dark past. From the moment they first set eyes on each other (after the initial clash, of course), Daphne and Simon are drawn to one another like magnet to metal. They enter into a fake courtship for individual ends; Simon to fend off matchmaking mothers and Daphne to seem more desirable to other gentlemen suitors. What they don’t count on is being attracted to each other and ultimately falling in love.

Bridgerton‘ does not shy away from hot and steamy scenes when it comes to lovemaking, several of them between the leads, but a few featuring the supporting characters as well. The show is unapologetically sexy, graphic, and has some of the best bodice-ripping scenes that don’t just titillate but also contribute to the overall story. There are lovemaking scenes that are essential to the plot. Here we have ranked all the sex scenes in ‘Bridgerton’ from the worst to the best. SPOILERS AHEAD.

10. Introduction to Anthony Bridgerton, the Rake (S1 E1)

This scene is the first time we see Viscount Anthony Bridgerton. He is expected by his mother and sister to accompany said sister to the royal court as she makes her bow to the Queen, but Anthony is rather occupied, making love with his mistress against a tree in a park (of all places). This scene does nothing more than introduce us to the Viscount but is important in the way that it outlines his personality (which fleshes out in later scenes). Anthony is a rake through and through, and this scene establishes that beyond a doubt (no one but a rake would partake in such scandalous activities in such risque locations). That makes him all the more hypocritical when he overreacts to Simon kissing Daphne later in the series.

9. Anthony and Siena at the Theatre (S1 E1)

This second scene with Anthony and Siena serves to flesh out their story a bit more. It gives viewers an insight into the nature of their relationship. Siena is an opera singer, which is not all reputable in the eyes of the society. Her profession makes her a non-candidate to marry the Viscount. The aristocratic society will never accept her as one of their own even if Anthony were to marry her, a fact that he knows very well. Anthony himself doesn’t shy away from reminding Siena of her place when he unwittingly implies that she is not a lady (and therefore, her reputation needs no protection).

8. The Non-Consensual (S1 E6)

Undoubtedly the most controversial scene of the series, one that made many a viewer more than a little uncomfortable, polarized the audience, and sparked a social media debate, is the one where Daphne learns of Simon’s betrayal, educates herself about the way human reproduction works, and takes control in the most unexpected (and unethical) of ways. Simon, who does not want to have kids (but tells Daphne he can’t), always pulls out before he climaxes so that he can be sure to never impregnate Daphne. When she figures out what he’s been doing, she is beyond upset and does something that is most definitely non-consensual and rapey.

This scene features slight frontal nudity and is possibly the most important one in terms of driving the story forward. It also highlights just how clueless Daphne is about sex and the concept of consent. What she does in this scene is wrong but she has no comprehension of just how wrong. The decadent scene is so distasteful to watch even though it is so tastefully shot. But the scene is pivotal as it shows how long a way Daphne has come from being a wide-eyed innocent debutante to a woman who can go to even morally dubious lengths to get what she wants.

7. Press Pause on the Conflict (S1 E7)

Simon and Daphne are still reeling from the fall-out of their big fight after Daphne forces Simon to ejaculate inside of her (in the above-mentioned scene). Simon comes home late one night and Daphne, who is unable to sleep, tells him she misses him. They start making love on the winding staircase of their London home, but Simon stops midway, remembering the way Daphne used her power over him and betrayed his trust. PTSD from their previous encounter envelopes Simon and he backs off, leaving Daphne devastated. The scene is again quite uncomfortable to watch because the audience knows that the conflict between the duke and the duchess is still far from resolved.

6. Benedict’s Threesome at an Artsy Orgy (S1 E5)

Benedict goes to a house party at his painter friend Sir Granville’s home but is delightfully shocked to find an orgy going on there. He meets the modiste, Genevieve Delacroix, there and is instantly taken by her sultry come-hither approach. While looking for more privacy, Benedict enters a room in which Sir Granville is making love with another man, causing Benedict to back out in surprise. Genevieve introduces Benedict to another woman (who later turns out to be Sir Granville’s wife) and the three engage in a mutually consensual threesome. This scene is important because it paves the way for some sexually inclusive conversation when Benedict asks Sir Granville about his chosen lifestyle. This scene is a welcome one because it is the only LGBTQ representation in the series.

5. Anthony and Siena Back Together at the Boxing Match (S1 E8)

While attending a boxing match separately, Anthony and Siena rekindle their old relationship and have sex under the bleachers at the match. The purpose of this scene is mostly to build up Anthony’s story – he clearly has genuine feelings for Siena but he cannot act upon them except in scandalously sexual ways. He can be involved with her and keep her as his mistress but cannot legitimately marry her. Anthony’s frustration with societal constraints is evident in his interactions with Siena.

4. Simon and Daphne in the Library (S1 E6)

This is the pivotal scene where Daphne sort of catches on to Simon’s deception. There is more foreboding than romance in this scene. Simon is working late in the library and Daphne comes to take him up to the bedroom. They end up making love on Simon’s desk. But there is an air of disquiet as, by this scene, Daphne has started to suspect that Simon is not being completely honest with her. She doesn’t yet know exactly how he’s duping her but she asks her handmaiden immediately after this scene, to explain to her in detail how a baby is conceived.

3. Simon and Daphne Make Up (S1 E8)

Simon finally lets go of the hate he has for his long-dead father and accepts that he wants to have a family with Daphne because he loves her. This time when they have sex, it’s completely devoid of any duplicity and lies. Only romance is front and center as they really make love for the first time, seeing each other clearly for who they are and accepting each other, flaws and all. This scene is more emotionally fulfilling (for the characters and the audience) than physical.

2. Simon and Daphne’s Honeymoon Montage (S1 E6)

The Duke and Duchess of Hastings spend most of their honeymoon acting like a couple of bunnies, fervently making love in all sorts of places, all over Clyvedon Hall – in the gardens, out by the lake, in the library, and their bedroom, of course. This scene, a whole montage of Simon and Daphne getting it on in various locations, serves to reinforce the idea that they’re newly-weds who are very much in love. The scene is romantic, fun, and makes you want to root for the couple.

1. Simon and Daphne’s Wedding Night (S1 E5)

On the way to Clyvedon, Simon and Daphne stop at a roadside inn where Simon has booked separate rooms for them. One room remains unutilized, however, when the newly-weds admit to each other just how much they are attracted to one another. Their mounting passion explodes in an almost meditative lovemaking scene that’s incredibly romantic. As it’s Daphne’s first time experiencing anything sexual, her shock and eventual delight is portrayed beautifully.

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