Anne Hathaway: All New Movies and TV Shows in 2024 and 2025

With her captivating charm and versatile acting prowess, Anne Hathaway has been gracing the silver screen for over two decades. From her breakout role in ‘The Princess Diaries’ to her Oscar-winning performance in ‘Les Misérables’, Hathaway’s journey in Hollywood has been nothing short of spectacular. Her ability to seamlessly transition between genres, be it a romantic comedy like ‘Love & Other Drugs’ or a gritty drama like ‘Rachel Getting Married’, showcases her unparalleled range as an actress.

Over the years, she has garnered numerous accolades, including a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and a Primetime Emmy, solidifying her place among the acting elites. Every Hathaway film is a testament to her sheer dedication and unparalleled talent, leaving viewers eagerly waiting for her next venture. After enthralling us in recent roles like ‘WeCrashed’ and ‘Locked Down’, it’s only natural to wonder what’s next for this stellar actress. Dive in to discover the upcoming movies and TV shows starring Anne Hathaway.

1. Sesame Street (2024)

‘Sesame Street’ is an upcoming adventure-comedy-crime film directed by Jonathan Krisel, based on the iconic children’s TV series of the same name. The plot revolves around Big Bird and his Sesame Street friends, who are mysteriously expelled from their neighborhood. Finding themselves in Manhattan, they join forces with Sally Hawthorne, who’s on a quest to save her show and prove that Sesame Street really exists. Intriguingly, Sally is a character who appeared in the very first episode of ‘Sesame Street’, making this film a deep dive into the lore of the beloved show.

Anne Hathaway’s portrayal of Sally Hawthorne promises to answer some long-standing questions about the ‘Sesame Street’ universe. Joining Hathaway in the cast are notable names such as Bo Burnham and Chance the Rapper. The film pays homage to the legacy of ‘Sesame Street’ with references to the late Caroll Spinney, the longtime puppeteer for Big Bird and Oscar. The movie is currently in development without a release date attached. Fans of the iconic show are eagerly awaiting its release, hoping for a delightful blend of nostalgia and fresh storytelling.

2. The Idea of You (2024)

‘The Idea of You’ is an upcoming romantic comedy directed by Michael Showalter. The film is an adaptation of the bestselling book by Robinne Lee, which has garnered a significant online fanbase since its release in 2017. The story revolves around Sophie, a 40-year-old single mother who, after attending Coachella with her daughter, meets Hayes Campbell, the 24-year-old lead singer of a boy band named August Moon. As the two embark on a clandestine affair, they grapple with the challenges of their differing lifestyles and the external pressures on their relationship.

Anne Hathaway stars as Sophie, bringing her renowned acting prowess to the role. She is joined by Nicholas Galitzine, who plays Hayes Campbell. Galitzine’s recent rise to fame is evident with his roles in Amazon Prime’s ‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ and the comedy ‘Bottoms.’ Apart from Hathaway and Galitzine, the cast details remain under wraps. As for the film’s release, it is expected to drop on May 2, 2024.

3. Mothers’ Instinct (2024)

‘Mothers’ Instinct’ is an upcoming psychological thriller film directed by Benoit Delhomme. The movie is a remake of Olivier Masset-Depasse’s 2018 French-language film of the same name, which was loosely adapted from the 2012 novel ‘Behind the Hatred (Derrière la Haine)’ by Barbara Abel. The plot revolves around the rapidly deteriorating friendship of two 1960s housewives following a tragic event.

Anne Hathaway plays the role of Celine alongside co-stars Jessica Chastain (as Alice), Josh Charles, Anders Danielsen Lie, and Caroline Lagerfelt. The film showcases the intense dynamics and emotional turmoil between the two main characters, Alice and Celine. As the anticipation for the movie builds, fans eagerly await its release to witness the gripping narrative and Hathaway’s portrayal of Celine. The film, currently in its post-production phase, is set to be distributed by Neon and is expected to hit the screens in 2024.

4. Mother Mary (2024)

David Lowery has written and directed this A24 epic pop drama starring Hathaway, Hunter Schafer, Michaela Coel, and Isaura Barbé-Brown. It will explore the romantic relationship between a musician, played by Hathaway, and an iconic fashion designer, played by Coel, and how the lesbian couple battle fame. The film will be shot in Germany and Charli XCX and Jack Antnonoff have been roped in to write songs for Hathaway’s popstar character. The project is currently in its post-production phase and is expected to come out in the latter half of 2024.

5. Seesaw Monster (TBA)

‘Seesaw Monster’ is an upcoming action-comedy film based on the novel by Kotaro Isaka. Netflix has acquired the feature film rights to this novel, and the film adaptation will star Anne Hathaway and Salma Hayek Pinault as rivals who are compelled to collaborate. The plot intricately moves between the Japan of the Showa era and 2050, focusing on the relationship between a wife and her enigmatic mother-in-law.

While specific details about the storyline are kept under wraps, it promises to be an engaging two-hander between Hathaway and Hayek Pinault. The screenplay is penned by Olivia Milch, known for her work on ‘Ocean’s 8.’ Apart from featuring in the film, both Hathaway and Pinault will also serve as producers. The director for the film is yet to be announced. Currently, the project is in pre-production and further details are awaited.

6. French Children Don’t Throw Food (TBA)

‘French Children Don’t Throw Food’ is an upcoming film adaptation of Pamela Druckerman’s autobiography. The movie delves into the real-life experiences of Druckerman, a 35-year-old American journalist living in Paris. As she grapples with pregnancy and parenthood in a foreign land, she observes a stark contrast between French and American parenting styles. While American mothers-to-be are engrossed in every parenting book available and are deeply concerned about birthing methods, their French counterparts seem more relaxed.

Druckerman embarks on a journey to uncover the secret behind the well-mannered French children, only to realize that appearances can be deceiving. Anne Hathaway is set to play an important role, presumably portraying Druckerman. The film’s screenplay is penned by Jamie Minoprio and Jonathan Stern and directed by an undisclosed director. As of now, the project is in development, and a release date is yet to be announced. Further details, including the ensemble cast and trailer, are anticipated.

7. Untitled Anne Hathaway & Robert Mitchell Film (TBA)

Anne Hathaway, known for her versatile roles across genres, is all set to star in a new mystery thriller directed by the talented David Robert Mitchell. Fans might recall Mitchell’s distinctive touch in movies like ‘It Follows’ and ‘Under the Silver Lake.’ This upcoming venture promises to be a visual treat as it’s slated to be shot in IMAX. Warner Bros. Pictures, Bad Robot, and Jackson Pictures are backing the project, elevating the excitement levels.

The storyline, a closely guarded secret for now, comes from Mitchell’s pen, and he’s not just directing but also producing the film. Adding more weight to the project, industry bigwigs like J.J. Abrams and Hannah Minghella are on board as producers. Expectations are soaring high with a pairing as dynamic as Hathaway and Mitchell. As things stand, the team is gearing up, with the film in its pre-production phase and shooting expected to kick off shortly.

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