Ethan Hawke: All New Movies and TV Shows in 2024 and 2025

Born on November 6, 1970, in Austin, Texas, Ethan Hawke is an actor, author, and film director who has left an indelible mark on the world of cinema. He began his journey in the film industry with his debut in ‘Explorers’ (1985) and soon rose to prominence with his breakthrough performance in ‘Dead Poets Society’ (1989). From the romantic lanes of the ‘Before’ series to the raw intensity of ‘Training Day,’ Hawke has always had an uncanny knack for picking roles that resonate.

Hawke’s partnership with Richard Linklater, notably in films like ‘Boyhood,’ underscores his commitment to authentic storytelling. Garnering multiple award nominations, this Austin-born talent has seamlessly balanced acting and direction, captivating audiences with each endeavor. As we recall his brilliant performances, anticipation builds for what’s next on his cinematic horizon. Keen to know what this gifted artist is bringing to the screen next? Here’s a roundup of the upcoming projects Ethan Hawke has lined up.

1. Tonight at Noon (2024)

Written and directed by Michael Almereyda based on a novel by Jonathan Lethem, ‘Tonight at Noon’ explores the relationship between Lee, who is a writer, and his partner Mae, as they struggle to figure out their differences. Mae has been struggling with the memories of an ex-lover while Lee is trying to cope with the frustration by giving it the shape of a story. This move of his is what starts mingling imagination and reality.

The cast of ‘Tonight at Noon’ includes Chiwetel Ejiofor as Lee, and Lauren Ambrose as Mae, along with Hawke as Lefty, who is probably Mae’s ex. The rest of the cast includes Connie Nielsen, Dagmara Dominczyk, and Rutger Hauer. The movie has completed production and is expected to be released in 2024.

2. Wildcat (2024)

This biographical drama has been directed by Ethan Hawke based on a script by Hawke and Shelby Gaines. The film showcases the life of Mary Flannery O’Connor, one of the finest American novelists of the 20th century. Before she died at the young age of 39, she left two novels and 31 stories for the world to relish. It stresses the struggle of Flannery O’Connor while writing her first novel ‘Wise Blood’ along with the doubt and criticism she faced not only from her family but from her editor as well.

Maya Hawke will play Mary Flannery O’Connor. The rest of the cast includes Liam Neeson, Laura Linney, Vincent D’Onofrio, and Willa Fitzgerald. ‘Wildcat’ was screened at the 50th Telluride Film Festival. It had a limited release on May 3, 2024, but a wide release is yet to follow.

3. The Sensitive Kind (TBA)

This pilot is a noir-drama series written and directed by Sterlin Harjo (‘Reservation Dogs’) and will follow a Tulsa guy who knows too much. Hawke will be playing the guy and starring alongside Kaniehtiio Horn, Killer Mike, Cody Lightning, Ryan Kiera Armstrong, and Michael Hitchcock. The studio FX Productions has kept the plot in the dark. Harjo will also be executive producing along with Hawke. Currently in its filming phase, ‘The Sensitive Kind’ has a lot to reveal yet, including a release date.

4. The Black Phone 2 (2025)

Universal and Blumhouse have greenlit a sequel to the horror film ‘The Black Phone’ (2022). Tentatively titled ‘The Black Phone 2,’ the film will reprise Ethan Hawke’s serial killer character known as The Grabber, who kidnapped 13-year-old Finney Shaw in the first part. ‘The Black Phone’ is based on a short story by Joe Hill, who serves as an executive producer for the sequel. ‘The Black Phone 2’ will be directed by Joe Hill, who is back after helming the first one and has penned the screenplay with C. Robert Cargill (both also wrote the script for the 1st film). Along with Hawke, returning cast members include Mason Thames, Jeremy Davies, Madeleine McGraw, and Miguel Mora. The film is currently in its pre-production stage and is set for release on October 17, 2025.

5. The Last of the Tribe (TBA)

The Brazil-US co-production is a jungle thriller directed by Claudio Borrelli. Mark Bailey based the script on the book ‘The Last of the Tribe: The Epic Quest to Save a Lone Man in the Amazon’ by former Washington Post journalist Monte Reel. Set in Brazil’s Amazon, the film will showcase the genocide of the Tanarus tribe in the year 2022 and follow a washed-up former cop-turned-gun-for-hire, William Phelan (Hawke), from Chicago, who finds himself conflicted between killing the last surviving member of a secluded Indigenous tribe and saving him. Indigenous Brazilian actress-model Zaya Guarani has also been cast and will presumably lay the last member of the tribe. The film has yet to begin production, and more details are awaited.

6. Batso (TBA)

To be directed by Kyle Marvin, this true-story drama will show trailblazing mountain climbers Warren “Batso” Harding and Dean Caldwell, who climbed the El Capitan peak in Yosemite National Park in 28 days. What was supposed to take the duo ten days took 28. Hawke will play the role of Batso, while Daniel Radcliffe will play Calwell. We also have Jessica Biel, who will play climber Beryl Knauth, who is also Warren’s romantic partner. Eamon O’Sullivan has written the story. Ben LeClair, Ross Jacobson, and Mark Roberts are producing. ‘Batso’ has reached its pre-production phase, so it is expected to begin filming soon, although we do not have a release date for it yet.

7. Revolver (TBA)

‘Revolver’ is a coming-of-age comedy starring Ethan Hawke and her daughter Maya Hawke. To be directed by Andrew Stanton based on a script penned by Kate Trefry, the film is set in 1966 and bases itself on the events of June 27, 1966, on which day the flight carrying the band The Beatles to Japan was forced to make a stop in Anchorage, Alaska. The band checks into a hotel. Jane (Maya Hawke), a teenage resident of Anchorage and a zealous fan of the band, decides to break into the hotel with the hope of losing her virginity to George Harrison, the lead guitarist of the band. While Ethan’s character is unknown for now, the possibility of him playing Jane’s father is promising. The film is currently in its pre-production stage, and there are no reports about production or a release date yet.

8. Camino Real (TBA)

Ethan Hawke is set to direct and adapt ‘Camino Real,’ Tennessee Williams’s wildly experimental play, into a feature film. The play, known for its narrative that tracks the journey of the young American Kilroy amidst a kaleidoscope of historical and literary figures like Don Quixote and Esmeralda, had its Broadway debut in 1953. Despite its initial lukewarm reception on Broadway in 1953, the play’s reputation has grown over the years, with various acting companies attempting to interpret its intricate layers.

Hawke’s fascination with ‘Camino Real’ has been longstanding. He described the play as a blend of rock opera and elements reminiscent of ‘Waiting for Godot.’ Hawke has decided to cast Juliette Binoche in a pivotal role and is in the process of finalizing the rest of the ensemble. Interestingly, Hawke will not be acting in the film. Hawke’s connection to the play is deeply personal. He had previously portrayed the character of Kilroy in a 1999 production at the Williamstown Theater Festival, which he cites as one of the most enriching theatrical experiences of his career. ‘Camino Real’ is currently in its pre-production phase and awaiting a release date.

9. The Whites (TBA)

‘The Whites’ is an eagerly anticipated limited crime drama series in pre-production at Showtime, with creative maestro Jez Butterworth at its helm. This captivating adaptation, borrowed from Richard Price’s compelling novel, plunges deep into the world of detectives obsessed with their evasive adversaries—dubbed their ‘white whales.’ Ethan Hawke is set to depict Billy Graves, a former star detective now navigating the shadows of the NYPD’s Nightwatch division. Yet, a resurgence of an old unsolved case threatens to upend his world.

The ensemble cast joining Hawke remains a mystery, building anticipation. This project deepens Hawke’s association with Showtime, following the celebrated ‘The Good Lord Bird.’ Interestingly, Hawke isn’t just the lead but also dons the hat of an executive producer alongside notable names like Rian Johnson. Currently, details regarding its production phase are hushed. However, given the talent attached and the gripping narrative, fans eagerly await an official teaser.

10. She Dances (TBA)

From director Rick Gomez comes a comedy starring Ethan Hawke, Rosemarie DeWitt, Steve Zahn, Audrey Zahn, Mackenzie Ziegler, Haley Fish, and Sonequa Martin-Green. Gomez and Zahn have written the script together. The film will deal with rediscovering family, accepting the truth, and allowing it to shape oneself into a more honest version. The film is currently in its pre-production phase, and filming is slated to begin this year. Details about a release are awaited.

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