Megan Fox: All New Movies Coming Out in 2024 and 2025

From gaslighting a huge villainous robotic organism to becoming a vengeful succubus to leading a team of mercenaries, Megan Fox’s filmography makes her a popular face for varied cinephiles. In a comparably short span, after making her debut in 2001 and having a breakthrough as late as 2007 with her performance in Michael Bay’s ‘Transformers,’ she has garnered an international reputation. She also showcases her versatility with her performances in ‘Jennifer’s Body,’ ‘Jonah Hex,’ ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,’ ‘Rogue,’ and ‘Above the Shadows.’

For someone who was “a total outcast” in high school, Fox’s present reputation as a beauty icon is proof of what she has overcome and achieved. Needless to say, seeing her onscreen is undeniably appealing, especially with her being a beauty icon of the present time. So, if you are looking to find out when she will be back on screen, here are her upcoming projects!

1. Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin (2025)

‘Naya Legend of the Golden Dolphin’ is an animated adventure movie that revolves around Naya, a golden dolphin who is given the responsibility by her father to travel to eight specific corners of Earth and unite all the dolphins so that they can save the oceans. Through the arduous journey, Naya learns various lessons of life and realizes her destiny. Fox lends her voice to Princess Leilani but specifics concerning her character are currently under wraps.

In addition to Fox, the voice cast of the film includes Quvenzhané Wallis (Naya), Gerard Butler (King Kula), Elliot Page (Dusky), and Kate Winslet (Cupid). The movie is directed by Jonathon Kay (‘Walking After Midnight’) and written by Kay and Katie Ford. The movie is produced and distributed by Magic Factory Productions. The project is in its post-production stage and is expected to release on June 28, 2025.

2. Subservience (TBA)

‘Subservience’ is a sci-fi movie about a struggling father who brings home a SIM (a humanoid robot with artificial intelligence) to serve as a domestic aid. But things go awry when she becomes self-aware and hostile. Getting strong ‘Megan’ vibes, are we? Fox plays the role of the robot while Michele Morrone (‘365 Days’) plays the man who purchases the same. The rest of the cast includes Madeline Zima, Trevor Van Uden, Andrew Whipp, Atanas Srebrev, Doroteya Toleva, Matilda Firth, Max Kraus, and JR Esposito.

The movie is directed by S.K. Dale (‘Till Death’) and written by Will Honley and April Maguire. Millennium Media, the production company behind movies like ‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,’ ‘Angel Has Fallen,’ and ‘The Hitman’s Bodyguard,’ is bankrolling it. The movie, currently in its post-production stage, is yet to receive a release date.

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