Mel Gibson: Here Are All Upcoming Movies and TV Shows in 2024 and 2025

Mel Gibson, a multi-talented actor, director, and producer, embarked on his remarkable career with his acting debut in the Australian television series ‘The Sullivans.’ He rose to prominence during the Australian New Wave cinema movement in the early 1980s with his iconic roles in films like ‘Mad Max’ and ‘Gallipoli.’ These early successes laid the foundation for an illustrious career that would span decades.

Gibson’s transition from acting to directing and producing was seamless, with notable achievements like ‘Braveheart,’ a historical epic that not only showcases his acting prowess but also earned him the Academy Award for Best Director. His commitment to storytelling was further evident in films like ‘The Passion of the Christ’ and ‘Apocalypto.’ Meanwhile, his performances in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ franchise, ‘Edge of Darkness,’ and ‘The Expendables 3’ further cemented his position as an acting powerhouse. Gibson’s ability to excel both in front of and behind the camera always leaves one excited about his new projects.

1. The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection (2025)

Gibson is returning to the director’s chair for ‘The Passion of the Christ: Resurrection,’ a sequel to the 2004 biblical drama ‘The Passion of the Christ.’ The film showcases the events that “occurred three days between the crucifixion and resurrection when Jesus Christ descended to Abraham’s Bosom to preach and resurrect Old Testament saints,” as per the synopsis. Gibson, who is also a producer of the film, co-wrote the script with Randall Wallace. The film, starring Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Maia Morgenstern as Mary, and Francesco De Vito as Peter, is currently in the filming stage and is expected to be released on Feb 15, 2025.

2. Boys of Summer (TBA)

‘Boys of Summer’ is a fantasy film that follows a group of local kids in Martha’s Vineyard, who team up with an aging detective to confront a witch who quietly moved to the island, in the summer of 1997. The group has to face their fears to protect themselves and the island. Gibson stars as the detective, while the rest of the cast includes Mason Thames, Lorraine Bracco, Nora Zehetner, Abby James Witherspoon, Julian Lerner, and Noah Cottrell. The mystery film, directed by David Henrie, is currently under post-production and is expected to be released in August 2024 but the exact release date hasn’t been revealed as of now.

3. Boneyard (TBA)

Inspired by real events, ‘Boneyard’ is a crime thriller film that revolves around FBI Special Agent Petrovick, who is trying to hunt down a serial killer named “The Bone Collector.” Meanwhile, the police chief and one of his officers suspect that someone in their own department could be the killer. Gibson essays the role of Agent Petrovick, while Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson portrays Carter, the police chief. The Asif Akbar directorial also stars Nora Zehetner, Brian Van Holt, Spice Williams-Crosby, Weston Cage, Gabrielle Haugh, and more. The film is currently under post-production with no release date attached.

4. Flight Risk (TBA)

Gibson is also at the helm of another project, titled ‘Flight Risk.’ The thriller film centers around a pilot transporting a dangerous criminal for trial across the Alaskan wilderness. Mark Wahlberg stars as the pilot, while the rest of the cast has not been revealed yet. Gibson directs the project with a script written by Jared Rosenberg. The film is currently in the post-production stage and its release date has not been announced.

5. Lethal Weapon 5 (TBA)

‘Lethal Weapon 5,’ the fifth installment in the ‘Lethal Weapon’ franchise, is going to mark the return of Gibson as Martin Riggs. The actor is also going to direct the project, especially since the original director of the franchise, Richard Donner, passed away in 2021. The plot details have been kept under wraps for now. Danny Glover is also expected to reprise his role as Roger Murtaugh, while the rest of the casting details are awaited. In September 2022, Gibson revealed that he was planning to shoot the buddy cop film in the first quarter of 2023. However, the plan did not move forward and the project is still in the pre-production stage with no release date attached.

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