Will Ferrell: All Upcoming Movies and TV Shows

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Will Ferrell emerged as a breakout star on ‘Saturday Night Live’ in the mid-1990s and quickly established himself as a comedic force to be reckoned with. His journey from ‘SNL’ to Hollywood’s silver screens made him a leading man in comedy films, earning him a well-deserved spot in the revered “Frat Pack,” a group of iconic Hollywood comic actors. Ferrell’s filmography boasts an impressive array of performances, from the endearing Buddy the Elf in ‘Elf’ to the unforgettable Ron Burgundy in ‘Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.’

The actor further showcases his dramatic chops and versatility through his thought-provoking performances in ‘Stranger than Fiction’ and ‘Everything Must Go.’ He has also proven his mettle as a television producer with his involvement in HBO’s ‘Succession,’ ABC’s ‘Live in Front of a Studio Audience,’ and Netflix’s ‘Dead to Me.’ Due to his incredible filmography, Ferrell’s projects always generate immense excitement among the audience. If you are wondering what films and television shows the actor is going to be a part of next, we have got you covered!

1. Quiz Lady (2023)

Ferrell is going to be seen next in ‘Quiz Lady,’ a comedy film that he is producing as well. The film follows a game show-obsessed woman named Anne and her estranged chaotic sister Jenny, who have to work together to get rid of their mother’s gambling debts. Ferrell stars in an undisclosed role, along with Sandra Oh (‘Killing Eve’) as Jenny and Awkwafina (‘The Farewell’) as Anne. The cast of the Jessica Yu directorial also includes Jason Schwartzman, Holland Taylor, Tony Hale, Jon “Dumbfoundead” Park, Angela Trimbur, Joe Chrest, Charlie Talbert, etc. The film is all set to premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 9, 2023, and will be later released on Hulu on November 3, 2023.

2. You’re Cordially Invited (TBA)

Another comedy film starring and co-produced by Ferrell, ‘You’re Cordially Invited’ is about a bride-father duo and another bride-sister duo who unknowingly book the same wedding venue and decide to share it, only for the decision to result in chaos. Geraldine Viswanathan plays the first bride with Ferrell appearing as her father. Meredith Hagner and Reese Witherspoon play the second bride and her sister respectively. The rest of the cast includes Celia Weston, Keyla Monterroso Mejia, Leanne Morgan, Jimmy Tatro, Zamani Wilder, etc. The project, directed by Nicholas Stoller, is currently under post-production. The film will arrive on Amazon Prime Video but the exact release date has not been unveiled yet.

3. Untitled Golf Series (TBA)

Image Credit: Gemma LaMana/Paramount Pictures

Ferrell is starring in a comedy series based on golf. While not much is known about the plot, the show is said to revolve around a professional golfer who goes on to become the face of a new controversial league. Currently, only Ferrell has been revealed as the cast member. The actor is producing the show with Jessica Elbaum under the banner of Gloria Sanchez Productions, in association with Rian Johnson and Ram Bergman’s T-Street Productions. The project is in the pre-production stage as of now.

4. Madden (TBA)

Ferrell is stepping into the shoes of NFL legend John Madden in ‘Madden.’ The film tells the story of a former head coach, who, after his retirement upon winning the Super Bowl, partners with a Harvard programmer to build the world’s first football video game and re-write his legacy. The project is helmed by ‘Amsterdam’ and ‘American Hustle’ director David O. Russell. While Ferrell was reported to be in talks to headline the film as Madden, the rest of the cast has not been confirmed yet. Russell is directing the theatrical feature for Amazon/MGM and the project is currently in the pre-production stage.

5. Boy Band (TBA)

‘Boy Band’ is a comedy film with Ryan Reynolds attached to the same as an actor and producer. Reynolds also wrote the script along with Jesse Andrews (‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’). While the plot details have been kept under wraps, Ferrell is likely to star in the film along with Reynolds, marking their reunion after the 2022 Apple TV+ hit ‘Spirited.’ The director of the project hasn’t been announced yet but Shawn Levy (‘Free Guy,’ ‘The Adam Project,’ and ‘Deadpool 3’), who serves as a producer of the film, is reportedly considering the same as a potential directing vehicle. The film is currently under pre-production with no release date attached.

6. The Legend of Cocaine Island (TBA)

‘The Legend of Cocaine Island’ is a scripted remake of the 2018 documentary of the same name. The movie follows a family-oriented small business owner who learns about the legend of a cocaine stash worth $2 million being hidden somewhere in the Caribbean and comes up with a plan to get the money. Ferrell is currently the only actor attached to the project and also serves as its producer. The Netflix film, written by Peter Steinfeld (‘The Craft’), was announced in 2019. However, there haven’t been any further updates regarding the production ever since.

7. Untitled eSports Film (TBA)

Ferrell is portraying the role of a professional eSports team member in an untitled comedy film produced by Legendary Pictures. The film tells the story of an aging eSports competitor, who is considered an anomaly in the sport where most of the players are teenagers. However, he goes against all odds and challenges the young players. The film was first announced in 2016 and ‘Fist Fight’ director Richie Keen came on board to helm the project in 2019. Since then, there have been no updates about the film’s production.

8. The Prince of Fashion (TBA)

‘The Prince of Fashion’ is a comedy film based on Michael Chabon’s GQ article ‘My Son, The Prince of Fashion,’ which follows a father who takes his passionate-about-fashion son to the Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. The Academy Award-nominated director Gus Van Sant (‘Good Will Hunting’ and ‘Milk’) is at the helm of the project, with Ferrell producing and starring in the same. Other cast members haven’t been revealed yet. The film was officially announced in 2018 but there haven’t been any recent developments concerning the production.

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