Allan and Sven Sjodin: Where is Dru Sjodin’s Family Now?

As covered in ABC’s ’20/20: Missing from the Mall,’ the case of Dru Sjodin’s disappearance and murder is a monumental case that led to many changes within the legal system. The most prominent crusaders behind justice for Dru were her father and brother, Allan and Sven Sjodin. The two are featured prominently in the ABC show and talk about just how Dru’s fate continues to impact their lives even today. Naturally, the world is curious about what the two men have been up to these days.

Who are Allan Sjodin and Sven Sjodin?

Allan Sjodin and Linda Walker had two children, Sven and Dru Sjodin, whom they loved very much and were always ready to support. While Allan and his wife Linda separated when Dru was about three years old, they tried to create as many happy memories for their children as possible. However, things changed for the family on November 22, 2003. At the time, Dru was a student at the University of North Dakota and was a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. She also had two jobs, one at the Victoria’s Secret store in Columbia Mall, Grand Forks, North Dakota. The other was to work at a nightclub in the city called El Roco.

Dru Sjodin

On the day of her disappearance, Dru had been on a call with her boyfriend, Chris Lang, after finishing her shift at Victoria’s Secret. The call did cut abruptly, but Lang did not think it was anything urgent, so did not report it. He later received a strange call full of static noises but could not make any sense out of the same. After Dru failed to show up for her job at the nightclub, her roommate reported to the college student missing, leading to a massive search effort.

Based on the evidence and circumstances of the situation, the investigators ended up arresting Alfonso Rodriguez Jr., a previously convicted and released sex offender who had been seen in the same area where Dru was last seen. His arrest came about on December 1, 2003, but the investigators, along with Allan and Sven, remained unaware of just where Dru was. In fact, it was not until the snow had started to melt that Dru’s body was found on April 17, 2004, near Crookston, Minnesota. The area was near Rodriguez’s then-residence, which only added to the suspicions on him.

Given that the crimes against Dru were committed across state lines, the case fell under federal jurisdiction. The trial against Rodriguez led to him being found guilty of his crimes on August 30, 2006. He was then sentenced to death for the kidnapping and murder of Dru Sjodin on February 8, 2007. While the conviction was a relief for both Allan and Sven, it did not diminish their grief for losing a beloved member of their family, especially given the circumstances surrounding the man responsible for it all.

Allan Sjodin and Sven Sjodin Are Happy to Have Gained Justice

For the most part, Allan and Sven Sjodin prefer to remain out of the limelight, though they have indeed tried to move on with their lives and honor Dru Sjodin’s memory in the best ways possible. Allan lives near Park Rapids, Minnesota, and has continued to keep his daughter’s memory alive even today. He claimed that it was due to Dru’s own qualities that he kept pushing to gain justice. As of 2013, he was living with his wife Linda in his home.

As for Sven, he has since started a family of his own. Having only been a year older than Dru, Sven was certainly close to her and was deeply impacted by her loss. He now lives in Simi Valley, California, with his wife Melinda, whom he got married to on November 5, 2001. Together, the couple has eight children, whom they love very much. Linda Walker seems to adore her grandchildren and looks forward to their every visit to Minnesota while still continuing to give the daughter she so tragically lost. On a more professional note, Sven is the proud owner of iAgree while also working as a Sales Manager and Director/Partner for Declaration Financial.

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