Am I Actually the Strongest Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?’ or ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ episode 6 titled ‘I Need to Find an Attendant…!’ Haruto looks for an attendant and ends up meeting the Bony Army which was once summoned by his enemy. He learns that they are living peacefully alongside monsters from the empire and have even taken up farming under the leadership of their commander Johnny. Haruto and Flay are summoned by Gordo, who asks them to rescue a Blizzard Dragon. Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Jitsu wa Ore, Saikyou deshita?’ or ‘Am I Actually the Strongest?’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Am I Actually the Strongest Episode 6 Recap

After ensuring that most of his responsibilities are taken care of, Haruto sits leisurely in his mountain cabin playing games while Charlotte and Flay look after the house. All of a sudden he recalls that he needs to find an attendant. Therefore, he makes the excuse of going out on a walk and eventually ends up in a region in the forest that is now inhabited by a Bony Army that was once summoned by Haruto’s enemies, whom he ended up defeating.

Ever since then, these mythical creatures have followed him around, so he decided to offer them a place where they could live peacefully. But it turns out that the Bony Army has exceeded all his expectations and under the leadership of its capable commander named Jhonny, they have even managed to expand their land. Interestingly, Flay has also invited monsters from the empire to live with them and the two groups have peacefully coexisted ever since then. Furthermore, the Bony Army has also taken up farming and has cultivated enough land to feed the monsters even in the winter.

Haruto is impressed by Johnny’s leadership and thinks of making him his attendant but then realizes that he keeps on talking which he can barely stand for even a day. Later, Haruto and Flay are summoned by Gordo and they learn about a Blizzard Dragon who was being hunted down by adventurers from neighboring Empire on the border. He wants them to take matters into their own hand and handle the situation as he fears that a lot of lives are at risk if nothing is done.

Am I Actually the Strongest Episode 6 Ending: Does Haruto Rescue the Blizzard Dragon?

Although Flay is initially not on board with the idea of going and rescuing the Blizzard Dragon, who did not fight alongside its kind during the last war, she changes her mind after she meets Charlotte. Haruto’s sister opines that the dragon in question must be really struggling with its injuries and even in that condition he will be chased by adventurers. The emotional appeal is what eventually convinces Flay to go with Haruto to the borders looking for the notorious beast.

Once they reach the mountainside, Haruto uses his powers to track down the Blizzard Dragon. He is quite intrigued by the looks of the dragons in this world as he appears to have imagined them much differently. Just when he and Flay are observing it from a distance, a group of adventurers that have been chasing the beast for a while try to attack it once again. The Blizzard Dragon has no strength to defend itself, so it just lies there accepting its cruel fate.

Moments before they could have hurt the Blizzard Dragon, the adventurers were stopped by Haruto and Flay. Since they don’t know them, the adventures are annoyed and are still willing to hunt the beast. But their forces are just too weak to even handle Flay who easily manages to make them flee the battleground. Interestingly, the Blizzard Dragon then attacks Haruto and freezes his entire body. Flay is naturally offended and she makes sure that the dragon knows that it can’t attack his master. It turns out that the Blizzard Dragon can actually communicate and inquires why someone like Flay follows Haruto’s instructions.

Flay tells her the entire story and Haruto is just surprised that his Demon Lord lie continues to be accepted. The Blizzard Dragon then reveals that she has been hiding all this time as she is a pacifist who can never accept violence. Interestingly, she lived in a cave for centuries to avoid getting involved in any situation that compromised her principles. During that time, she fell in love with reading and all she wants now is books so that she can push the horizons of her knowledge. After that, she accepts to make Haruto her master and is named Liza by him.

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