The Search: Where is Amanda de la Rosa Today?

The Search‘ is yet another Netflix series that is based on a true story. The Spanish language series adds another feather to the streaming giant’s cap when it comes to true-story productions as it manages to consistently shock viewers. However, ‘The Search’ is different than other true-crime productions. It surprises viewers by exposing high levels of corruption in public offices of Mexico.

‘The Seach’ revolves around the disappearance and subsequent death of a four-year-old girl named Paulette Gebara Farah. One of the major, gray characters in ‘The Search’ is Amanda de la Rosa. This character is essayed by Diana Bovio. Several viewers would have wondered who she is and what she is up to currently.

Who is Amanda de la Rosa?

Amanda de la Rosa was an extremely close friend of Lizette, Paulette’s mother. She became involved in the case after it was found out that, just before Paulette’s disappearance, Lizette had gone on a trip with her lover, la Rosa, and several other men. She started to be accused by the authorities of concealing the truth when it was thought that Lizette was responsible for Paulette’s disappearance.

Amanda de la Rosa is often referred to by her nickname “La China.” According to local sources, she became friends with Lizette when the two had been classmates in elementary and high school. However, she had a fallout with Lizette after she decided to release a book regarding Paulette’s case, revealing intimate and personal details. Her book did not manage to perform well.

De la Rosa is mainly an artist, screenwriter and a former actress. According to her IMDb profile, she acted in “Maestra del peligro: Comando Zorras” way back in 2006. This aspect of her life is poked fun of in ‘The Search’ where a reference is made to her having acted in ‘Slut Commando.’

Where is Amanda de la Rosa Now?

Amanda de la Rosa participated in some freelance, screenwriting work after the Paulette case. Her IMDb profile reveals the fact that she directed, produced, and wrote a 2015 short titled ‘Maria Bonita.’ Apart from that, she has served as a writer for ‘Con sello de Mujer,’ ‘Quien se comió la ultima media noche?,’ ‘El Diez,’ ‘Corredor,’ and most recently, ‘The Third Root.’

De La Rosa’s Facebook profile reveals that she is a freelancer. On her page, it is also revealed that she is an artist with environmental beliefs. She mainly creates works of art using items that are considered to be “trash.” Have a look:

Here is a photo that she posted recently:

According to her Facebook profile, de la Rosa lives in Mexico City. She also continues to be a follower of the spiritual leader, Osho (as revealed in ‘The Search’).

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