Amanda Mangas Murder: Where is James Ramey Now?

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In 2017, when Amanda Mangas was found in a fatal condition, she informed the police about her kidnapped son. These events sent shockwaves through the entire community. The police launched an Amber Alert in three states in an attempt to rescue the toddler and save him from any harm whatsoever. The entire debacle is covered in the episode titled ‘Amber Alert’ in Investigation Discovery’s ‘Before I Die.’ It also includes exclusive interviews with Amanda’s loved ones and experts, giving more insight about the case to the viewers.

Amanda Died in the Hospital While Her Son and Stepmother Were Abducted

On October 14, 1993, Amanda “Mandi” Mangas entered the world of her parents — Vickie Mangas-Eckenrode and Mike Mangas — as a little bundle of joy. Born and raised in Defiance, Ohio, she went to Delta High School, before attending Defiance College where she studied Nursing. Reportedly, she worked at Bob Evan’s in the city of Marion. But at the time of her demise, she was employed as a server at the Delta 109 restaurant. Meanwhile, she had been dating James Ramey, with whom she welcomed an adorable son and named him Winston.

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Although she loved spending some quality time with her friends and family, nothing could take the place of her baby boy, Winston. The devoted mother used to live with her father and stepmother Deborah Mangas in their Delta, Ohio, home. Just a day before she was murdered, Amanda updated her relationship status on Facebook and announced that she was dating a guy named Curtis Stanley.

In the early morning hours of March 14, 2017, around 5 am, police were called to Amanda’s house where they found the 23-year-old mother barely hanging on with a gunshot wound in her chest. Before rushing her to the hospital, she not only asked about her baby son who was reportedly kidnapped along with her step-mother Deborah, but she also told the police the name of her alleged attacker. A few hours later, she died from gunshot wounds at the hospital.

Amanda’s Ex-Boyfriend’s Jealousy Took Her Life

Amanda “Mandi” Mangas, during her final breaths, placed the blame on her ex-boyfriend James Ramey for the attack and abduction of her child and stepmother. Without wasting any time, the police issued an Amber Alert and dug deeper into the former couple’s relationship. They learned about James’ violent behavior towards Amanda. For instance, sometime prior to the fateful day, Amanda had taken out a protective order against James. But even that was not enough to stop him as he allegedly violated the order by trying to get in touch with her through social media.

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About a month before Amanda’s murder, James was also arrested for aggravated menacing as he allegedly threatened to kill her with a knife if she ever left him. A few hours after issuing the Amber Alert, the police tracked James’ cellphone to northern Indiana, where he was stopped by the police at about 10 am on the same day of the murder, while he was allegedly on his way to Chicago. In his car were his abducted son Winston and Amanda’s stepmother Deborah, all of whom were unharmed. The authorities handcuffed the suspect and took him into custody on the spot.

James confessed to his crimes while in custody and admitted to entering Amanda’s house in the 900 block of Fernwood Avenue in Delta, Ohio, at about 5 am in the morning and shooting her. After that, he admittedly abducted Winston and Deborah and planned to flee the state. However, Deborah managed to make the crucial 911 call before she was taken by James, alerting the police about the incident. James was held without bail and charged with 22 counts, including aggravated murder, attempted murder, aggravated burglary, and abduction. He was immediately taken to the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, where he remained arrested until his trial began.

James Ramey is in an Ohio Prison Awaiting His Release

During a pre-trial hearing in June 2018, James’ defense attorneys filed a third motion and asked the court to release some money to be able to get access to expert assistance. When the trial began, the prosecutors showed several pieces of incriminating evidence and brought witnesses to the stand. The prosecuting attorney addressed the court, “She loved (Winston) with all her heart. Even when she shouldn’t have, she still tried to include you — the father — because at the time she thought that was best for Winston.”

James Ramey pleaded guilty to one count of murder with a gun specification, one count of violating a protection order, and two counts of kidnapping, avoiding the possible death sentence. The prosecuting attorney stated on behalf of Amanda’s loved ones, “While there is nothing that the judicial system can really do to fill the hole that was left in the lives of Amanda’s family and friends, we hope that today’s plea and sentence can help them in some small way with the difficult process of moving forward.”

On July 6, 2018, James received a 27 and a half years to life imprisonment sentence for the charges against him related to the 2017 murder of his former girlfriend. He even apologized to Winston and other family members and friends of Amanda. He stated, “I can’t fathom doing the next 27 years to possibly the rest of my life in prison. The real pain comes from knowing I took my son’s beautiful mother from him — that Mike and Vickie no longer have their beautiful baby girl.” At present, he is serving his sentence behind bars at London Correctional Institution at 1580 OH-56 in London, Ohio, with his release date scheduled in September 2044.

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