American Housewife Season 5 Episode 10: What’s in Store

‘American Housewife’ season 5, episode 9 follows Katie who tries everything she can to help J.D. become a father. Taylor has a brush with the law, and this makes Greg worried that she might become a political liability. You can read a detailed recap of this week’s episode at the end of this article. Here is a synopsis of next week’s upcoming episode 10.

American Housewife Season 5 Episode 10 Release Date

‘American Housewife’ Season 5 Episode 10 is slated to be released on February 24, 2021, at 8:30 pm ET and 7.30 pm CT, on ABC. New episodes should air every Wednesday at the same time slot. If there are any other changes in the schedule, our preview sessions will keep you updated.

American Housewife Season 5 Episode 10 Spoilers

The upcoming episode is called ‘Getting Frank with the Ottos,’ and here is its official synopsis as outlined by ABC: “To celebrate the 100th episode of his podcast, Franklin invites Katie and the family to make guest appearances on his show; Greg asks Lonnie to be his campaign manager to help strengthen his social media presence.”

Where To Stream American Housewife Season 5 Episode 10 Online?

Interested audiences can watch ‘American Housewife’ season 5 episode 10 by tuning in to ABC at the aforementioned time slot if you have an active cable subscription. The latest episodes are released online the next day for people to watch on the official ABC website and ABC app. You will need to log in with a valid cable provider ID to watch on ABC, though. All the recently aired episodes are also available on Hulu (for those with a subscription) and on Amazon Prime (for streaming on-demand). Cord-cutters can live-stream ‘American Housewife’ on Direct TV, Fubo TV, and YouTube TV.

American Housewife Season 5 Episode 9 Recap

‘American Housewife’ season 5 episode 9 is titled ‘The Heist.’ Katie, who repeatedly declines Maria’s request for a couples dinner, ultimately agrees to participate. What happens is, Greg explains that Maria’s husband, Principal Ablin, will be quite helpful in his city council campaign by endorsing him on the school’s message board. However, things take a different turn when the dinner ends up encouraging Ablin to run for the city council himself. Anna-Kat, without any intention, turns into the “queen bee” of her friend group. Later, Katie goes overboard in her efforts to help JD in becoming a dad.

Katie is extremely pleased after hearing that Anna is so popular. But Anna is stressed since her gang starts mimicking whatever she does. Oliver is tensed about his upcoming SAT test and hence, starts trying out the relaxation techniques that Taylor is learning in her psychology class. But nothing seems to help him. Oliver receives a call on a teen helpline from a girl who is stressed about a big tennis match. He gives her some good advice. Taylor gives the same advice to Oliver and admits that she was the girl who had called him from the teen helpline. Meanwhile, Greg is worried that Taylor can cause political problems when she fails to follow some legal rules.

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