Are Anfisa and Jorge From ’90 Day Fiancé’ Still Together?

There are a ton of reality shows that feature couples getting over obstacles together and tying the knot. But, TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé’ is one such show that makes headlines all year round! Whether the news is about new seasons, more spin-offs, new couples, or updates about the old ones, the show has created a massive fan following worldwide.

Cute couples meet online or while vacationing, and their adorable love stories are the highlight of this reality series. But things are quick to take a 180-degree flip when their fiancés enter the US on their K-1 visa and try to adjust to their new lives. One such couple, Anfisa and Jorge, came on season 4 and attempted to maintain a stable relationship.

Anfisa and Jorge: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Anfisa, a 20-year-old Russian model, met Jorge, a 27-year-old living in California, online on a social networking site. Jorge contacted Anfisa on Facebook after coming across her photos. Even though she was reluctant to talk to him at first, she threw caution to the wind and agreed to see him in person. They ended up taking an expensive tour around Europe, after which talks of marriage began.

Anfisa applied for her K-1 visa and just a few hours before her flight, she asked Jorge to buy her a $10,000 handbag. Jorge didn’t give in to her persistent demands and she threatened to cancel her bookings. They talked it out and reconciled. When Anfisa reached America, she was in for a rude shock. Jorge had no place of his own. They checked into a small hotel much to her chagrin. Anfisa was irked about the fact that Jorge hid his criminal history from her. He had pleaded guilty to marijuana trafficking due to which he couldn’t rent a place to live. He eventually managed to get a small apartment and they moved in.

There was a lot of speculation about Anfisa wanting to marry Jorge for his money and she didn’t deny these allegations. Instead, she hit back, saying that she knew Jorge was marrying her only for her looks and it isn’t a big deal if she wants to marry a provider. This especially didn’t go down well with Jorge’s sister and she ended up having a fight with Anfisa. Jorge didn’t even buy her a ring or a wedding dress and she thought about returning to Russia.

Even though Anfisa was verbally and physically abusive, and Jorge was suspicious and manipulative, they ended up getting married in a small courthouse. Jorge promised her a proper wedding in the future, but it never happened.

Are Anfisa and Jorge Still Together?

Yes and no. It is complicated. They are legally together but might get divorced soon. A few months after the wedding, some unfortunate events led the couple to split up. Their separation was bitter and vengeful. Some time back, one of Jorge’s ex-girlfriends harassed Anfisa on social media by insulting her and saying that she has a young daughter with Jorge. She tried to get child support money from him, but he denied the rumors. It is not yet confirmed whether he actually fathered a child with another woman as he hasn’t taken a DNA test yet. Also, the truth about Jorge cheating on Anfisa came to light a few months back.

In 2018, Jorge was arrested for transporting 293 pounds of marijuana and was sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Fans were surprised when, despite the differences, Anfisa supported her husband during trials and stayed by his side. She took to Instagram complaining about how the producers of the TLC show were forcing her to enter a new spin-off.

Recently, Jorge delivered a message from prison and revealed that he is planning on divorcing Anfisa as soon as he gets out. Anfisa didn’t seem to be bothered by the news and carried on normally. She told the media that the divorce was already mutually decided upon before Jorge went to prison, and she just kept her silence because she wanted to be supportive of him in these tough times.

Another reason why Anfisa doesn’t seem to care is because she has officially moved on. She posted a picture of her new boyfriend, Leo Assaf, on Instagram and announced that she was in a relationship with him. If rumors are to be believed, Leo was a manager at a gentleman’s club in Los Angeles. Reports also suggest that Anfisa and her new boyfriend might be a part of a new spin-off series.

Anfisa has created her dream American life. She now has her own apartment and car. She has been winning bodybuilding competitions and modeling for various brands.

As a social media influencer, she promotes products on her Instagram page. She has also become a nutrition-expert and a fitness instructor and can be seen giving tips about dieting and exercising to her dear followers!

Meanwhile, Jorge has been working on his body as well. He lost 128 pounds in prison and his drastic transformation has made our jaws drop! He is supposed to get released from prison in August 2020.

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