Angela and Tony: Has the Love After Lockup Pair Separated?

Delving into the riveting tale of Angela Gail Ables and Tony Wood’s rollercoaster romance on ‘Love After Lockup,’ fans were captivated by the unconventional journey of a mental health counselor entangled with a younger lover discovered through an inmate pen-pal page. From accusations of infidelity to a shocking revelation about their marital status, Angela and Tony’s on-screen saga unfolded amidst trust issues and emotional turmoil.

As viewers witnessed their tumultuous relationship evolve through the seasons, the duo faced challenges that left fans eagerly anticipating their fate. However, beyond the scripted drama, the real-life story took a surprising turn post-show. Now, with the dust settled, the aftermath reveals a landscape marked by challenges, personal growth, and new beginnings. As we unravel the untold chapters of Angela and Tony’s lives after the tumultuous love locked behind bars, fans of the show must be curious about whether or not they are still together.

Angela and Tony’s Relationship was on Rocks From The Start

Angela, a mental health counselor with a penchant for relationships with prisoners, first appeared in season 1 and then in season 2 of ‘Love After Lockup.’ Her unconventional love story began when she found Tony, 10 years her junior, on a Facebook page called Prison Inmate Penpals World International. Despite the physical distance, Angela financially supported Tony until his release, demonstrating her commitment to their relationship. The couple faced trust issues, infidelity, and clashes from the start. Angela consistently accused Tony of cheating with prostitutes, making their relationship tumultuous.

In season 2, they finally met in person, but Angela struggled to trust Tony. However, their troubles persisted, with Angela waiting outside a bus stop when Tony didn’t leave prison as expected. During heated exchanges about their rocky marriage, Angela dropped a bombshell – she never filed the marriage license, revealing they weren’t legally married. Despite the challenges, Tony insisted he had changed during his time alone in a hotel room, expressing regret for his past mistakes. Angela remained skeptical, stating, “I don’t believe you, and I don’t think I ever will.”

In a desperate attempt to salvage the relationship, Tony claimed that being away from Angela was worse than being in prison. Despite the trials and tribulations, they decided to tie the knot in the fall of 2019. Yet, in season 2 of ‘Life After Lockup,’ Tony confessed that he stayed with Angela out of obligation for her support both in and out of prison. By this point, Angela had decided to end her search for love in prison, having experienced the complexities of her relationship with Tony. She acknowledged having a few pen pals but expressed her readiness to move on from the challenges of love.

Angela Gail Ables and Tony Wood Are Officially Divorced

Since their tumultuous journey on the show, Angela and Tony’s relationship has come to a definitive end. Officially divorced in May 2023, their separation occurred around mid-2021 after a series of on-and-off episodes. The final straw came when Tony allegedly absconded to Idaho in July 2021, taking Angela’s car and a substantial amount of money from her. Reportedly, the catalyst for their split was Angela’s friend Ross, a former inmate with whom she exchanged letters.

Despite the longstanding friendship predating her relationship with Tony, accusations from Ross claiming an affair led to a misunderstanding and the eventual breakup. Angela has been vocal online, criticizing Tony as a “lying cheating husband chasing insta h–s and psycho fans.” Turned 50 in 2022, Angela has transitioned into the promotion business, leveraging her social media and fan following to endorse various brands. On the dating front, she has moved on and is currently involved with a new man, adding a new chapter to her romantic life, albeit with someone who has a prison background.

Meanwhile, Tony, now out of jail, has found love with Heather. Despite some bumps along the way, Tony and Heather are still together, navigating the complexities of a relationship after incarceration. The post-show lives of Angela and Tony are marked by significant changes, newfound relationships, and the challenges of moving on from their turbulent past.

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