Bartender Glass of God: 8 Similar Anime to Help You Relax

Created by studio Liber, ‘Bartender: Glass of God’ or ‘Bartender: Kami no Glass,’ is a slice-of-life anime that centers on Eden Hall, a highly professional bartender honing his craft and helping his customers through thick and thin with his exquisitely crafted cocktails. Finding Eddie is not easy, as his establishment is hidden within the backstreets of the Ginza district. The fortunate few who stumble into his bar find consolation and guidance alongside an expertly mixed drink. The anime is a sequel to the 2006 show, ‘Bartender.’ After experiencing its calming and laidback episodes with vivid and soothing visuals, you may find yourself looking for more anime like ‘Bartender: Glass of God.’

8. Tamako Market (2013)

In the bustling shopping district of Usagiyama, Tamako Kitashirakawa, the cheerful daughter of a mochi shop owner, spends her days surrounded by friends and customers. One day, she encounters a peculiar talking bird named Dera Mochimazzi, who claims to be a royal court attendant searching for a bride for his prince. The bird becomes addicted to mochi and is stuck with Tamako as the restaurant mascot.

Among Tamako’s friends, Mochizou Ooji harbors a crush on her, afraid to confess since their fathers are rivals in business. Produced by Kyoto Animation, ‘Tamako Market’ blends slice-of-life elements with whimsical storytelling and will likely captivate fans of ‘Bartender: Glass of God’ with its delightful exploration of friendship, family, and the simple joys of everyday life.

7. Poco’s Udon World (2016)

Known in Japanese as ‘Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari,’ the studio Lidenfilms anime follows Souta Tawara as he returns from Tokyo to his quiet hometown in Kagawa. Reminiscing about his parents, who have passed away, Souta visits their former udon restaurant and home and is surprised to find a young boy sleeping inside. The young boy turns out to be the shapeshifting tanuki spoken of in the town’s urban legends and is taken in by Souta.

As the two leisurely spend their days in the town, Souta meets old acquaintances and love interests, partaking in a tranquil journey of rediscovery. With soothing visuals, a focus on cuisine, and heartwarming episodes, enthusiasts of slice-of-life anime like ‘Bartender: Glass of God’ will undoubtedly find themselves having a relaxing experience with ‘Poco’s Udon World.’

6. Odd Taxi (2021)

Animated by studio P.I.C.S., ‘Odd Taxi’ introduces us to a world populated with anthropomorphic animals. Walrus Hiroshi Odokawa drives an evening taxi, meeting a range of eccentric characters on a daily basis. A reticent middle-aged driver with a rough past, Hiroshi’s visage bears the weight of a constant frown as he transports comedians, nosy girls, shut-in wannabe influencers, and regular Joes. Despite the animals standing in for people, ‘Odd Taxi’ will appeal to enthusiasts of ‘Bartender: Glass of God’ with its grounded portrayal of everyday life and interactions. As an added bonus the story eventually features a riveting police investigation involving the Yakuza that pulls Hiroshi out of his monotonous life.

5. Flying Witch (2016)

In the tranquil countryside of Aomori, the young witch-in-training Makoto Kowata moves in with her relatives to complete her magical education. Under the guidance of her cousin Kei and his skeptical younger sister Chinatsu, Makoto learns to harness her magical abilities while adapting to rural life.

As Makoto encounters various supernatural beings and explores the natural beauty of her surroundings, enthusiasts of iyashikei anime like ‘Bartender: Glass of God’ will be drawn in by its magic-touched mundanity. Produced by studio J.C. Staff, ‘Flying Witch’ offers a warm and serene journey through the everyday adventures of a charming young witch.

4. Play It Cool, Guys (2022-2023)

Crafted by Pierrot, the anime follows the daily lives of four handsome heartthrobs of the community who are made approachable by their clumsiness and forgetfulness. Despite their raging embarrassment when someone points out a glaring mistake, such as an inside-out t-shirt, the men play it as cool as possible to avoid looking dumb. Unbeknownst to them, the guys’ hopeless efforts to keep up appearances are the cause of people’s adoration of them.

Also known as ‘Cool Doji Danshi,’ the anime features four distinct protagonists who are united in their clumsiness, supporting each other in playing it cool. Fans of ‘Bartender: Glass of God’ will find themselves relating to the characters as they go about their daily lives, petrified of making mistakes. Both anime are instant mood boosters that draw us in with their familiar scenarios.

3. Blue Period (2021)

Yatora Yaguchi, a high school delinquent, finds himself dissatisfied with the monotony of his life. Everything changes when he stumbles upon a breathtaking painting that ignites his passion for art. Determined to pursue his newfound calling, Yatora decides to prepare for the entrance exam of the prestigious Tokyo University of Arts, despite the skepticism of his peers and family.

Under the guidance of his talented classmates and mentors in the school’s art club, Yatora embarks on a transformative journey of self-discovery as he learns to express himself and work towards his dream. Produced by Seven Arcs, ‘Blue Period’ delves deep into the exhilarating yet tumultuous world of art. The anime offers colorful characters and periods of calming sketching contrasted by Yatora’s emotional outbursts, possibly resonating with fans of ‘Bartender: Glass of God.’

2. Those Snow White Notes (2021-)

Titled ‘Mashiro no Oto’ in Japanese, the anime introduces us to Setsu Sawamura, who loses his grandfather and heads to Tokyo to find his sound. Setsu’s grandfather was a legendary shamisen master and his teacher, who told him to give up the instrument if he couldn’t come up with his own style. Lost in the bustle of Tokyo, Setsu is rescued by Tachiki Yuna, a girl whose abusive boyfriend storms off from a concert, giving Setsu a chance to fill in the act.

As Setsu picks up the traditional instrument in front of confused rock fans and begins a cascade of notes evocative of the seasonal shifts, we, and his audience, are left speechless at the artistic mastery. Created by Shin-Ei Animation, ‘Those Snow White Notes’ conveys a river of emotions through its shamisen performances, causing anyone with even the slightest ear for music to have a hair-raising and overwhelming experience. Much like Eden Hall, Setsu seeks to master his craft, and his exploration of its nuances presents us with addictively good episodes.

1. Barakamon (2014)

‘Barakamon’ follows the story of Seishuu Handa, a calligrapher who faces a major setback when his work is criticized as lacking originality. As a result, he is sent to a remote island to reflect on his art and find inspiration. Expecting to find a quiet destination to practice his art, Seishuu is rudely shocked to come across nosy and meddling villagers who seem intent on learning more about him and his work.

A slice-of-life comedy at heart, the studio Kinema Citrus anime draws several parallels with ‘Bartender: Glass of God.’ Both anime take their time developing their characters through conversations and are subtle about the themes they discuss. With each episode, we discover a little more about the characters, exploring their struggles, natures, and woes.

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